Google Self Search Reveals Man Is Most Wanted


Many people run searches for their own names, or the names of people they know, on the Google website. This has been come to be known as egosurfing. A California man, on a recent self search while egosearching found that instead of any positive, funny, or interesting articles about himself, the information revealed was that he was on the list of those fugitives who are most wanted by the police. Christopher Viatafa was placed on the most wanted website after an incident which happened back in August 2013.

The incident occurred at the San Leandro Senior Center on Aug. 8, 2013, where Viatafa was attending a private celebratory party at the retirement home when he became involved in an argument with other guests. At this point Viatafa took out a gun and proceeded to fire several shots into the ground. He was required to leave the party but police have been attempting to locate him since the incident.

Recently, Christopher Viatafa was engaged in egosurfing on Google and happened to run across an unexpected search result. What he encountered was a hit result for his name on the Northern California Most Wanted website. The website is run by a group known as the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center which includes a variety of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The self search Viatafa ran on the Google site revealed that he is one of the people that the Northern California Most Wanted group has been attempting to locate.

Viatafa, a 27-year-old California man, turned himself in to authorities after discovering his inclusion on the Most Wanted list of offenders. According to reports, his initial reaction was one of curiosity, followed by guilt. At this point that he went to the San Leandro Police Department and told them that he saw his name on the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center’s website under the heading of those criminals most wanted by the police.

The incident occurred when Viatafa pulled out a semi-automatic gun during the party at the retirement home. He proceeded to fire several shots into the ground near others. After being thrown out of the party, the reports indicate that he shot several more rounds. There is no information on whether there was any damage or injuries resulting from the shots.

At this time, Viatafa has been charged with discharging a firearm near an inhabited dwelling and also faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The San Leandro police indicate that while he did not use good judgment in the firing of the weapon, he did use good judgment in taking the initiative to turn himself in to authorities.

Police state that the website played an integral part in the apprehension of Viatafa. They further state that the site has been invaluable for both the public and law enforcement officials in finding and apprehending criminals. At this time, the Northern California Most Wanted website features more the 25 of the most wanted criminals of the Bay Area. The website provided the information to Christopher Viatafa during his self search on Google to inform him that he, himself, was a man listed on the site as one of the area’s most wanted. The site statistics have now been updated to list Viafafa as a captured fugitive.

By Dee Mueller

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