Heroin Fashion Moth Collection by Lunar Rising



A new-age movement of heroin fashion, the moth collection by Lunar Rising is art at its finest – a projection of visual art and design in the form of clothing.

This up and coming photographer, textile artist, costume designer and graphic designer is certainly someone to watch out for. On meeting her, Lunar’s presence is potent, with ambition etched on her skin as she describes how she makes all her clothing by hand.

heroinHer collection was initially inspired by the unique process of shredding (the unraveling of a garment’s material). After undergoing this process, Lunar noticed that the garments were reminiscent of the dusty skin of a moth, and they even fell like the wings of one too. Hence came the birth of the Moth Collection by Lunar Rising, and the creation of an aura of new-age heroin fashion.

The name of her clothing line and idea behind the designs is what turns these garments into the manifestation of a creative mind, because every last detail is held together by the crutches of an artistic idea. Even the photography of the clothing emanates a story.

All her clothing is vintage or second hand, which Lunar sources and collects herself. She then takes them through her manufacturing process, which takes several hours in the very tedious process of unravelling the material from each garm, in order to give it a shredded and moth-like effect. The look they create is edgy brushed with a grunge/heroin gothic darkness, and she insists on all the photography of the clothing mirroring the shape of a moth.

There are three types of moth to choose from. The MINI MOTH, which is a short top with either the front or back shredded. The MID-WAY MOTH, which is a long top with either the front or back shredded, and the TALL MOTH, which is a unique dress with the front and back shredded. 

heroinHer goal is to change perspectives about beauty and fashion, with a diverse and artistic take on every project she enters. To the right is a picture of another dress she made herself.

With layers of pastel tie die mixed with sea shells, the dress is unlike anything you would be able to purchase from commercial clothing stores. She initially pinned the dress to a friends body, and then hand sewed her creation over the period of about a month.

Lunar models the dress herself, and has even recently been shortlisted for a London modeling school mentored by Mulan Itoje – Britains Next Top Model finalist  in 2011.

The dress is striking for numerous reasons. The first is it’s mermaid-like quality with a long trail that follows like rippling water. The different shades of purple and lilac entangled in cream are really spectacular; they have a natural tone but still manage to draw attention with their beauty.

The front also has sea shells attached to it – again Lunar Rising uses nature to aid her manufacturing process and inspire her vision. She gathered the shells whilst visiting Croatia, and then had holes put in the top in order to thread through knitting cotton.

All Lunar’s creations are different, and each piece of clothing she makes mirrors an innovative and unique visualisation. She has her own website and runs numerous blogs where she sells all her clothing and posts about her photography, film and digital design. She also sells posters of her work on these sites.

With this up and coming new-age movement of heroin fashion, the moth collection by Lunar Rising is art at its finest. Her ability to transform images into reality is raw talent, and it can be guaranteed that her presence in the world of fashion and art, will continue to grow, develop and inspire.


By Melissa McDonald





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