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How I Met Your Mother cast and creators made an appearance at the annual PaleyFest and hinted at some spoilers as the series’ grand finale approaches. March 31 marks the end of the sitcom and the last episode entitled Last Forever will last one hour. While fans are waiting to find out whether the Mother is dead or not, as rumor has it, CBS has released a set of photos and synopsis which include the fact that Ted Mosby finally ends the story which lasted for approximately one decade. The penultimate episode, The End of the Aisle offers even more insight into the last episode and prepares fans for an unexpected outcome.

How I Met Your Mother is rapidly approaching its grand finale, and the second last episode has received its share of spoilers through a set of photos courtesy of CBS. Robin and Barney suit up and prepare to get married, but the episode does not lack drama; both of them will experience major panic attacks 30 minutes before the wedding begins, just in time for a final group hug. The two finally understand that a life of suits, cigars and laser tags is exactly what they want and the wedding takes place.

Highly Anticipated Ending

How I Met Your Mother cast and producers offered fans a night to remember on March 15, when Dolby Theater discarded its Oscars spirit and replaced it with cheering fans of the sitcom. Although Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris could not be in attendance, the latter joined the crew via Skype from New York and ended his speech in patented Barney style, namely by tearing his shirt off and shouting “I’m a rock star!” before he signed off.

How I Met Your Mother has three more episodes and the one which airs Monday, Gary Blauman offers not only the bittersweet feeling that the sitcom is finally over, but also some spoilers that refer to the grand finale. Series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas remained vague when asked whether the Mother has died and asked the public to be patient two more weeks.

The Mother

Cristin Milioti spoke about her role as the Mother and about not fully understanding her part in the sitcom. However, she added that, after being casted for the season 8 finale, she realized why her part is essential.

The two creators also offered a spoiler when talking about the grand finale of How I Met Your Mother, namely that the final scene filmed is, in fact, Ted and the Mother meeting at the train station. Still, they also mentioned that this particular scene was part of Cristin Milioti’s audition a year ago, so it is not clear yet if this is indeed the grand finale or just the final scene filmed.

Bays and Thomas also told the public that the unexpected success of the sitcom would be difficult to match and joked about making a new series called “Who Farted?.”

The spinoff called How I Met Your Dad is currently assembling, but all eyes are now on the last three episodes of How I Met Your Mother and whether there are any spoilers hidden in the scenes that hint at the grand finale.

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