iPhone 6 Likely to Back out From Releasing Second Model This Fall

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There may be approximately five months until the new iPhone 6 is revealed, but UBS’ Steve Milunovich stated that Apple is likely to back out from releasing a second model this fall. Rumors said that the creators of iPhone are thinking of designing two models, namely a 4.7-inch variant and a 5.5-inch model in order to keep up with the requirements of a larger screen, especially since Americans have indirectly expressed their preferences by purchasing Samsung’s larger smartphones. Although Milunovich is certain that the 4.7-inch screen iPhone will be released in August or September, the tech savvy could have to wait longer in order to obtain the larger version.

According to Barron, iPhone 6 is likely to back out from releasing a second model this fall, because, as UBS’ Steve Milunovich stated, the 5.5-inch model is reportedly not ready to be launched just yet. The analyst also mentioned that the larger version will probably be more expensive, but details regarding the resolution are still unknown. However, rumor has it that the 5.5-inch model has “the same resolution” as the smaller variant, but Apple’s decision could affect the screen’s quality. If designers choose to keep the same resolution, the larger version of iPhone 6 will most likely have a lower pixel density.

Another solution is to follow in iPad with Retina’s footsteps, which means putting an equal sign between the 4.7 and the 5.5-inch models as far as resolution is concerned, but at the same time increasing it so that the quality of the iPhone 6’s larger version would not be affected. If this is the case, it could means that Apple is planning on changing the pixel density on iPhones for the first time since 2010, when the Retina screen was released on iPhone 4.

Milunovich’s reports show that Apple is working on both models, but he cannot bet that both versions will be launched at the same time; on the contrary, he believes that, while the 4.7-inch type of iPhone 6 will be released in August or September, Apple is likely to back out from releasing the second model, namely the 5.5-inch kind this fall. At the same time, Milunovich mentioned that the larger iPhone could carry the same resolution as its smaller model.

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Although there are approximately five months until Apple enthusiasts can hold the new iPhone 6 in their hands, rumors have already offered the tech savvy an image of how this smartphone could look like. The sixth iPhone is expected to look different from iPhone 5 and 5S, since the company usually does a hardware redesign every two years, but a bigger screen has proved to be the most important feature that experts talk about. Although it has been rumored that the two versions, namely 4.7 and 5.5-inch will characterize the iPhone 6, it is also possible that Apple keeps making the 4-inch iPhone.

At the same time, slimming down the iPhones seems to be another wish when it comes to creating a smartphone to fit the needs and expectations of the buyers and rumor has it that the sixth iPhone could go from 7.6 to 6 millimetres. Improving the camera, the chip and battery life have also been implied, but the most important hint offered by UBS’ Steve Milunovich is that iPhone 6 is likely to back out from releasing the second, larger model this fall.

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