James Franco, Seth Rogen Parody “Kimye” for Second Time


James Franco and Seth Rogen are at it again. The two actors are parodying the infamous duo that is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (otherwise known as “Kimye”) for the second time after their hilarious and actually pretty spot on duplication of the West-Kardashian music video disaster “Bound 2” late last year.

However, it seems that now Rogen and Franco, in an effort to parody the two stars, have made the switch from video editing to utilizing their magazine photo-shopping talents. Many were surprised and some even disgusted last week when they picked up their latest monthly edition of Vogue and were unexpectedly met with a cover spread of rapper Kanye West and his fiancee, reality TV personality Kim Kardashian.

At the time of the issue’s release, criticisms quickly began to fly that Vogue, hailed as the most classy of fashion magazines, is no place for West, who has gained notoriety for being one of the most pretentious and self-aggrandizing personalities in the entertainment business, and also no place for Kardashian, who has essentially gained her fame through no talent of her own, save for being able to live her day-to-day life in front of a camera.

Dressed in a suit and fancy white dress, West and Kardashian looked the part of all of the previous models and celebrities featured in Vogue, yet the appearance of these two particular celebrities has stirred up a great deal of controversy, and a week later, the criticisms about their appearance in the magazine are still running rampant. Additionally, the West-Kardashian feature story in the issue is being slammed for its overly theatrical and somewhat pretentious language.

In response to the Vogue cover, where the infamous duo was deemed #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, Franco and Rogen set out to parody Kimye for the second time, photo-shopping just their heads onto the Kanye and Kim cover page picture taken by esteemed photographer Annie Liebovitz, with Franco’s head placed on West’s suited body and Rogen’s head pasted onto Kardashian’s body, white dress and all.

The Kimye magazine parody fun continued as another one appeared around the same time, using Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog to imitate West and Kardashian. This spoof, where the fake magazine was entitled “Vague,” as opposed to Vogue, again featured the two Muppets in a suit and white dress, in the same position as the celebrity duo.

Anna Wintour, the famed Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, responded in defense to the widespread and harsh criticism of her decision to feature West and Kardashian on the cover of the magazine in the issue’s editorial letter by saying that the duo is, at the moment, two celebrities who are shaping, influencing, and defining the way people are seeing the world. Although disliked by many, with Kimye being the subject of much controversy and of a James Franco and Seth Rogen parody for a second time, that point may not be arguable. Wintour, 64, also commented that West, as many rumors had speculated, never begged her to put Kardashian on the cover of Vogue, although he did comment to Ryan Seacrest last fall that there was no way she should not be on the cover. In addition, Wintour maintained that it was entirely the magazine’s idea to feature the couple, responding to many people’s speculations that West and Kardashian had requested to be  in the magazine.

Opinion by Laura Clark





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