James Rebhorn Wrote His Own Obituary

James RebhornThe late James Rebhorn reported wrote his own obituary, making sure people said just want he wanted about him after his death. It could also be the fact that he wanted to make this part of life without him a little easier for his family, since he knew that his time was short.

The 65-year-old actor has four decades of credits to his name, including the current hit show Homeland. Tributes instantly poured out after people learned of his death on Sunday. Part of his obituary focused on his career and how he was fortunate enough to be able to make a living doing one of the things he really enjoyed.

However, it was also a chance for Rebhorn to share his love for his family. He started his own obituary with an introduction to where he was born and then thanked his parents for their support. Within it, he had the chance to share his gratefulness that they encouraged him to remain true to his faith. He also thanked them for the life lessons they taught them, including his manners and focus on quality craftsmanship.

He was then able to move onto his sister, Janice Galbraith, who survives him. The message most likely left her in tears as he thanked her for being there every step of the way. They shared a close bond, and were often the support each other needed when times were tough.

As part of the obituary that Rebhorn wrote himself, he had two paragraphs dedicated to his wife and daughters. His first focus was on his wife, Rebecca, who he stated accepted him with all his flaws. Her love for him was never-ending, and it is something that he held onto.

When it came to his children, the late actor made it clear that they were very different people. He knew they would handle the grief of his passing in different ways, and gives them his blessing to do it in ways that they believe is suitable. However, he also pointed out that he knows this period will not last long as they both have a lot to live for.

Within the paragraph about the children, who were the center of his world, is a message to his son-in-law. Rebhorn made it very clear that Ben was just like a son to him, which is something many in-laws would like to hear. It seems like the actor’s son-in-law was very close to him in the last few months, and that was something he wanted to point out in the obituary.

Finally, the rest of the surviving family members were mentioned. Rebhorn wanted to make it clear that he loves all of those in his life.

It is a sad time to hear that someone close to you has passed, but the 65-year-old actor has made this part a little easier. To read the words beyond the grave will allow his family members to take one last positive memory. While the obituary gets to say all the good things about Rebhorn, writing it himself has also allowed him to share his feelings about everyone.

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