Jared Leto Takes Oscar and the World

Jared Leto
Isn’t this supposed to be the Year of the Dragon? Because it is looking a lot like the Year of Jared Leto. Last night at the Academy Awards not only did Jared Leto take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, he also captivated the world.

Leto was a shining example of what a Hollywood actor should be at such a ceremony. The young actor defined class and presented a speech that went beyond perfection. It was just a little over two minutes long and it covered everything the actor could have possibly wanted to say. Starting out with a touching story about his mother, Leto also touched on the victims of AIDS and managed to shed a little light on the chaos occurring in the Ukraine and in Venezuela.

Everyone knew that Leto was the front-runner in his category but no one could have foreseen how the rocker/actor would also steal the whole show with his effortless and honest acceptance of the award. “I love you mom, thank you for teaching me to dream.” Leto said after the very heart-rending tale of his mothers struggles as a single mom.

Of course, Leto touched on the film and the message it delivers and after recognized the 36 million people who have lost their private war with AIDS. The youthful, yet wise actor said, “Tonight I stand here in front of the world with you, and for you.” A very poignant addition.

However, it was when the Academy Award winner touched on the chaos and violence happening abroad that really stirred up emotion. Saying that for all the dreamers in the world that are watching the Oscars tonight in “places like the Ukraine and Venezuela” that the world is there for them. It affected many people who are caught up in the middle of the violence in those two countries.

People like Natalia G., a resident of Venezuela, who posted a beautiful shout-out to the 30 Seconds to Mars singer, thanking Leto for taking the time to mention those who “are fighting to get an abusive, socialist regime out of power.” The unknown woman continues to praise and saying that the actors actions “sets him apart from the Hollywood crowd.” Natalia G. ended by saying that Leto gave “hope in the middle of the night.”

Leto and his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, have recently played in Venezuela and are scheduled to do a show in the Ukraine, in a few weeks. Obviously an impact was made on Jared Leto while there and after taking the Oscar last night, the well versed actor seems to be taking the world as well.

Not everyone was in good form as Leto though. Certain actors presented some awards that must have left the viewers in a bit of a fog. Harrison Ford came across as though the Fugitive actor wasn’t in the best of moods and sounded like someone was, literally, pulling the words out of his mouth. A great actor who couldn’t even take three minutes to act like he wanted to be there. Ford was followed by Channing Tatum, who rushed through the speech while presenting the award for Best College Short. Again, what was that all about? It is almost as if some of these actors should have stayed at home as some of the actors mood permeated throughout the evening.

Ellen DeGeneres hosted the event and did a fantastic job. The jokes were hilarious and the comedienne even ordered a pizza for the actors in the audience. DeGeneres probably thought that if the actors got something to eat, the energy in the place might liven up.

All in all it was a good show. Lupita Nyong’o was as graceful and gorgeous as ever. If the awards show was like prom, Leto and Nyong’o just won the King and Queen.

All through the show, whenever Matthew McConaughey was shown, it looked like the Best Actor nominee was looking worried of his own fate.  McConaughey ended up winning for the role in Dallas Buyers Club but, unlike Leto, there was no mention of any AIDS victims or anything of importance at all. The actor must have been just happy to win showing that not everyone has the capability to think beyond themselves.

Jared Leto definitely stole the show, taking the world by storm, shining light on the darkest of real issues and even got to take home the Oscar. Congratulations Leto and may the singer/actors kindness start rubbing off on all those famous elbows.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw

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