Jeep Renegade: Meet the New Teacup Breed by Fiat-Chrysler

jeepFiat-Chrysler is determined to master the small SUV and they have with the adorably tiny, teacup sized Jeep Renegade. The small sport utility vehicle is growing in popularity and many car makers are eager to get on board. The popularity of the small SUV comes from a desire for the performance of a SUV that so many loved in the early 2000’s, but without the over-sized gas tank that costs a week’s salary to fill up. The new jeep also comes at a much more affordable purchase price than the traditional jeeps.

Jeep is world-renowned for the ability to go from rugged terrain to smooth pavement, and its go “anywhere, do anything” attitude. It’s an American icon and now Jeep wants to spread its wings and take over the terrain on every continent and cruise the infamous autobahn. The majority of jeeps sold are in the United States and the goal for the company is to grow sales outside of the US. The traditional jeep makes for a hard sell overseas due to its large size and big gas tanks. The most popular vehicles in other parts of the world are much smaller and fuel-efficient. Luckily, Fiat is a master at the compact city friendly auto design, which made the decision to build the new Renegade in the Fiat factories an easy one.

The new Jeep Renegade targets the small SUV market that has been quite elusive to them up until now. The new Renegade is around the same size as the Fiat 500L but still maintains Jeeps high standard 4×4 capabilities. Jeep is aiming sales towards a more youthful and adventurous market. The Jeep has adjustable four wheel-drive, auto, snow, sand, mud mode and rock mode features. The roof panels can be removed for an open-air ride.

The new Jeep Renegade may be a teacup breed but it comes with large breed technology. It has 70 features for safety and a touchscreen. The all-terrain vehicle also comes with the UConnect Access system by Chrysler that reads text messages, calls roadside assistance when needed and will notify 911 if an emergency occurs.

The goal for Renegade is to reach $1 million in sales and to take over the small SUV market from big competitors such as Kia Soul and Nissan Juke. The Renegade has 16 engine and transmission designs for the different markets in other countries. It will provide the first small SUV nine-speed automatic transmission. Fiat-Chrysler plans to have the 2015 Renegade in dealerships by December of 2015.

The beloved jeep has been an American icon since 1941 when it was strictly a military vehicle. It was not until 1945 that the Jeep was available to everyone. Over the years the Jeep was built with features that suit different needs and lifestyles, but always maintains the original features that make it the unique icon that it is. Today’s needs are for efficiency, cost effectiveness and capabilities for all road types. Chrysler-Fiats new tiny teacup breed fulfills all those needs and also adds fun and adventure in the compact package that is the new Jeep Renegade.

By Christina Thompson

LI Newsday
Auto Week

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