Jeffrey Thompson: Crack Down on Corrupt Campaigning Starts Now

jeffrey thompson

Jeffrey Thompson, a D.C business man pleaded guilty on Monday for funneling over $2 million over the last six years to a number of political campaigns including Mayor Vincent Gray’s 2010 election which was the catalyst for the investigation by US Attorney General for the District of Columbia Rob Machen. Thompson was also involved in Hillary Clinton’s presidential primary campaign in 2008. The investigation into the case had Clinton’s campaign closely examined.

Minyon Moore is a former senior White House aide to President Bill Clinton, and a senior campaign advisor to Hillary Clinton. Investigators have focused on Moore and her role in involvement with Thompson. Moore arranged ‘street teams’ in Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, in which Thompson funded and run by marketing executive Troy White. Moore directed Troy White to create a plan and submit costs and services for the ‘Street Team’ idea. White pitched a plan for the team to distribute campaign materials in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio, according to White’s plea agreement statement.

Jeffrey Thompson provided over $608,000 to the Clinton campaign. Thompson informed authorities that Moore was much more involved in the ‘shadow campaign’ than she was letting on. She was providing Thompson and White campaign documents and staying on top of media coverage of the campaign, according to Thompson.

Moore’s involvement with Jeffrey Thompson could have major repercussions due to violating federal campaign finance laws. Officers of a campaign are forbidden to arrange or distribute illegal contributions. Due to the five-year statute of limitations, pursuing charges against Moore could be difficult. Moore claims she was unaware of any corrupt campaign activities and is cooperating with authorities. There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton was aware any of this was going on. Prosecutors don’t plan to file a separate case against the Clinton campaign.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray continues any wrongdoing during his 2010 campaign. The U.S. Attorney’s office has not filed any charges against the mayor at this time. Gray is in the last year of his term as mayor and has no plans of resigning any time soon, although the ‘shadow campaign’ scandal is happening right before he runs for reelection. Gray feels his reputation as the mayor of  Washington D.C. during this last term will have the voters on his side.

D.C. mayoral candidate, Tommy Wells issued a statement praising the U.S. Attorney General, saying ‘justice prevailed’. He also claimed he was the only candidate running a clean campaign and has never had any dealings with Jeffrey Thompson and never would associate with him. He also named other Councilman who were subpoenaed and stated that voters have the right to know that the government is not corrupt.

U.S. Attorney General for the District of Columbia Ron Machen issued a press conference stating that this is just the beginning of a crack-down on backroom election deals. Corrupt campaigning is a thing of the past, and the case against Jeffrey Thompson is only the beginning. There will be no more deceiving the voters.

By Christina Thompson

Washington Post
The Detroit News

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