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In a recent interview for V Man magazine, Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, spoke out about his relationship to the famous actress. The pair met during their screen test for the film X-Men: First Class. They began dating shortly after production wrapped. After two years of dating, the couple split up, but patched up their relationship while filming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Since then, Lawrence has become a household name thanks to her roles in The Hunger Games franchise, 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook and 2013’s American Hustle. Even with the growing fame, Hoult insists Lawrence is still the same person he met years ago, though, the dynamic in their relationship has changed a bit. ” The privacy thing obviously changes, but the rest pretty much stays the same,” the Warm Bodies actor said.

Lawrence’s boyfriend spoke out about her winning an Oscar for her work in Silver Linings Playbook. The experience has seemed to humble the Winter’s Bones actress even more. “I think that’s something she is capable of doing,” he said. “That’s what makes her special, but yeah, it is very odd, and I am just kind of a bystander in many ways. It is well-deserved for her. I haven’t really seen any change in her.”

Hoult made his acting debut when he was 7 years old. His first role was in the feature film About a Boy. The English actor is also known for his roles in Jack the Giant Slayer, the teen drama series Skins and A Single Man.

When it comes to working with his girlfriend on the big screen, Hoult says acting together only makes their relationship stronger. “…When you’re on set together it’s a brilliant thing, because you actually get to spend time together,” he said.

In January 2013, the couple broke up briefly because of long-distance complications. Lawrence lived in LA, while Hoult is an UK resident. When reprising their role as Mystique in Beast in X-Men: Days of Future Past, old feelings came rushing back. “One thing led to another and they hooked up,” a source said.

So far, the 23-year-old has earned three Academy Award nominations and won an Oscar for Best Actress. Lawrence’s first major role was in the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show. She received her first Academy Award nomination for her work in the 2010 film Winter’s Bones. She was the second youngest person to receive this honor at the time.

Lawrence won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress (Musical or Comedy) for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. She became the second-youngest Best Actress winner at the Oscars. She is best known for her role in The Hunger Games franchise as Katniss Everdeen. She is now the highest grossing action heroine of all-time.

The Hunger Games: MockingJay – Part 1 is set to be released Nov. 21, 2014. The Hunger Games: MockingJay – Part 2 will premiere Nov. 20, 2015. The sequel to the first installment made $158.1 million, making it an instant box-office hit. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend will speak out about an engagement soon. Only time will tell.

By April Littleton


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