Jennifer Lawrence Playfully Tries to Take Oscar

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence lost out on an Oscar last night, and then playfully tried to take the one that would have gone to her. Many of those who are superstitious partially blame the failure to gain that award for Best Supporting Actress because she wore a red dress. Throughout the night, commentators mentioned that nobody had ever won an Academy Award wearing a red dress.

During the night, many wondered whether the Hunger Games star would repeat last year’s blunder of falling up the stairs while accepting her Oscar. Lawrence never got the chance to walk up the stairs, but that did not stop her from showing off her clumsy self. While walking up the red carpet of all places, she took a tumble over a traffic cone of all things.

The 23-year-old gracefully congratulated her competition, Lupita Nyong’o, who received the Best Supporting Actress award for 12 Years a Slave. The actress had previously congratulated the 31-year-old on the award-winning performance in the historical-based drama. After congratulating her, she attempted to take it off the actress, but they both had smiles on their faces the entire time. They then hugged to show that there were no bad feelings between each other.

Even though Lawrence missed out on the Oscar, she has taken home various other awards for her performance in American Hustle. She received a BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. The main disappointment is that she could not take home a consecutive Oscar after winning it last year for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

Even though Lawrence did not manage to take the Oscar home, despite playfully trying to take it out of the hands of Nyong’o, she did repeat her clumsiness. The host for the night, Ellen DeGeneres, was not about to let anybody forget about it. She spent part of the monologue telling the actress that she would not bring it up and then threatened to show the video for those who had missed it. Straight after, she mentioned the orange cone that the 23-year-old fell over on the way up the red carpet. Lawrence was so busy waving at fans that she did not see the cone in front of her. She was helped up by those around her, including a security guard, before falling flat on her face.

DeGeneres went on to offer to take the Oscar to the American Hustle star to avoid anything happening on the way up the stairs. That offer was never needed in the end. The whole time Lawrence was laughing in her seat, sitting next to co-star Bradley Cooper.

A number of people took to Twitter to question the actress’ clumsiness. Many questioned whether it was all an act or whether she was trying to keep up tradition of falling over. Some are annoyed at her “awkward image” that she is portraying while doing all this. It seems most of the commotion has been around Lawrence falling during the night rather than trying to playfully take the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Washington Post

Entertainment Weekly

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