Johnny Manziel Shines With Pads on During Pro Day


Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel just wrapped up his pro day about five minutes ago, sporting helmet and some shoulder pads; the famed quarterback out of Texas A&M shined in front of NFL scouts. There only seemed to be about only two incomplete passes, with both of those passes bouncing off his wide receiver’s hands. Johnny mesmerized all General Managers, coaches, and scouts alike; with his deep throws while moving on the run. NFL analyst, Kurt Warner, was giddy watching the A&M quarterback making those throws, adamantly saying he does not know one quarterback in the draft who can throw on the move like Johnny has. Another analyst, Mike Mayock, often refers to prospects using their pro days as ‘checking off boxes.’ Leading the NFL draft expert to admit that he was extremely excited for Manziel’s pro day, ┬ásomething he usually avoids with scripted pro days. Every single team in the NFL had at least one representative at the Texas A&M pro day, possibly looking at just more then what the quarterback can offer. Another projected first round pick, Mike Evans showed off his skill set, catching every football thrown his way. The big wide receiver also showed great fluidity throughout his routes, and very soft hands; specifically on his deep route catches.

Manziel made a statement to all in attendance before he even started throwing the ball. number two stated before his workout that anyone can throw in shorts and a t shirt; he wanted to be different. No one has ever performed at a pro day in shoulder pads in a helmet, proven Manziel will do whatever it takes to separate himself from his competition, and from all of his critics questioning his character. All the NFL brass want to know what they are going to be getting from Johnny Football. Head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, just a few days ago stated he wants to know what kind of leader Johnny is going to be; could the Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel NFL Draft Dailycome into a pro locker room and lead his more experienced troops. His competitiveness cannot come into question in teams minds with a day like this. Shining in a t-shirt and shorts is one thing, avoiding the norm and impressing all teams. “Anybody can go out and throw in shorts,” Johnny said, “I wanted to go out there and show I could do everything in pads. You don’t play in shorts on Sundays, I don’t have anything to hide in my game.”

The social media universe in blowing up right now over the Manziel pro day. Someone as big as Lebron James, critiquing his new business partners performance; one among the many sounding off on Johnny being a star of the future. Will one of those teams watching the pro day take a gamble on him? Of course, but the question is whether it is in the first round or not. Pads or not Johnny will shine and provide a hope for a quarterback needy team desperate for their new leader. A possible Fran Tarkenton 2.0 is in the works in Texas A&M and to the 31 teams that decide to pass on him, Manziel plans on burning each team that does so. Pads on or off, a star is in the making, now only needs a team to carry on his back while he rolls through the NFL.

Commentary by Justin Huffman



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