Juan Pablo a Bachelor Maybe; a Gentleman Not!

Juan Pablo

ABC’s The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis may indeed be single which makes him a bachelor; however, his actions and words prove he is no gentleman. At the start of the 17th season of the highly watched reality show, Juan Pablo was a viewer favorite for not just his dashing looks but his lean muscular body and Spanish accent. If only he had to just stand and smile, perhaps he would have remained a fan favorite; however, he had to open his mouth and speak and that is where one offensive, awkward remark after another spilled out. English is Juan Pablo’s second language, so perhaps some grammatical missteps can be chalked up to words being misconstrued, but how does one explain his actions? Actions or the way someone is treated is universal, and Juan Pablo did not win any awards in chivalry.

Juan Pablo was accused of making rude and lascivious comments towards Clare Crawley, one of the final two contestants. The remark was so offensive she did not want to repeat it, however she managed to say it was sexually explicit in nature. Clare did express how she felt about Juan Pablo after finding out he was not presenting her with a final rose. In short, because of the way he treated her she did not think he would make a great dad; it is safe to say there is no love lost there. Nikki Ferrell, who was picked, did not receive a proposal though she was the winner, if there is a winner in all of this. Although Juan Pablo was evasive and vague about his feelings for her and their future plans, which is ideally the point of the final show, Nikki seemed to be comfortable with his indifference. It is hard to know where these two will end up but it may be safe to say Clare and the other ladies dodged a bullet.

One would have to wonder how much of this show is scripted and how much is reality; it is hard to believe someone would a) attempt to have a romantic relationship on television knowingly competing with several other women, and since we are talking about Juan Pablo b) be so disrespectful and rude when you know the whole (at least half) the world is watching. However, this is the 17th season, so that is proof people have no problem competing for love or watching it but this is the first time the world witnessed any bachelor like Pablo who takes the gentle out of gentleman.

Perhaps what can be taken away from this, if looking at it from a glass half full perspective, is that this season should further prove it is almost impossible to truly know someone in a short period of time, or when you are competing for affection like a sport on a reality TV show. Watching Juan Pablo is like receiving a gift wrapped in nice shiny wrapping paper with a big pretty bow, but when you open it, it is empty. The packaging is important, but what really matters is the contents on the inside and Juan Pablo proved, in his case, there is not much there. It is no wonder why Juan Pablo, who seemed to be such a great package – handsome and athletic – was a bachelor to begin with.¬† We found out why when he opened his mouth. Juan Pablo’s actions may have just given way to a new rival reality show called The Gentleman.

Opinion by Debra Pittman




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