Justin Bieber Khloe Kardashian Connection

The Justin Bieber Khloe Kardashian Connection

The Justin Bieber Khloe Kardashian Connection

It is amazing just how small the entertainment industry actually is, where reality television stars mix with actors, singers and other illustrious members of Hollywood hierarchy; one perfect example is the Justin Bieber Khloe Kardashian connection. Of course this connection has more to do with real estate than an actual relationship. Kardashian has opted to buy the Canadian pop star’s Calabasas mansion.

Hopefully the 29 year-old reality television personality will get along with the neighbors better than the 20 year-old singer did. To be fair, it should not be too difficult. Khloe has no prior record of driving too fast on suburban roads where children playing in their front yards need to fear for their lives.

Kardashian is also not known for pelting houses with eggs in her current neighborhood, although, to be fair to Bieber it could just be that his former Calabasas cohabitants did not care for his teenage hijinks. Loud parties, music and drugged out behavior that the local police, the deputies of Los Angeles County, seemed helpless to control. Granted they did come and search the residence when the singer still lived there, but found nothing in the way of evidence regarding the great egg attack.

The residents of Calabasas, California may be glad to see the back of Justin Bieber, but they may not relish the idea of the Khloe Kardashian connection at all. Her moving into the house may be seen as a good thing, as in anything’s better than Bieber, but Kardashian is not a shrinking violet by any means.

For example Khloe does enjoy “play fighting” with her younger half-sister Kylie and their rough housing may get a little too loud for those staid denizens of Bieber’s old gated community. These two girls do enjoy getting physical as was evidenced by a video that older sister Kim posted on March 4th.

The two are shown bashing into furniture and then rolling around on the kitchen floor. Kylie at one point, while shouting that her sister is abusing her, goes on to say that her knuckles are bleeding. Pretty rough stuff that could get a little out-of-hand and too loud for Justin’s old neighbors. Things have gotten gone too far between them before. On February 4th Kylie was rushed to hospital after the two got carried away on a trampoline.

Looking at the dates of their “play” fights it seems that the fourth of each month is a trigger for the two sisters. Perhaps Kylie could abstain from visiting Khloe on those days. At least there does seem to be a pattern with the Kardashian clan whereas with Bieber it seemed to be an ongoing deluge of torture for his beleaguered neighbors.

However, the Baby singer may be regretting his, or his manager’s, decision to move to the eastern side of the country. Before he’s really gotten settled in his Georgia digs a Belieber broke into Bieber’s Atlanta home. She was arrested by police after falling asleep in one of the bedrooms. The 23 year-old fan was identified as Qianying Zhao and she told the arresting officers that she’d entered the empty residence via an unlocked door. The diminutive young woman also claimed that she was there for Justin’s birthday party.

Police have come to the conclusion that the tiny fan is one of Justin Bieber’s many followers on Twitter. This connection is no real stretch as the singer has over 50 million besotted Beliebers who follow his every tweet and Instagram snap or video. Khloe Kardashian cannot boast a fanbase quite as big as that and being that she’s moving into Justin’s old gated community, uninvited visitors should not be a problem. Unless, of course, a Bieber fan gets confused. They probably should be on the look out for young female fans. Just in case.

By Michael Smith


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