Kevin Durant and OKC Proven Threat

Kevin Durant

With his 10 consecutive 40-point games in the season, Kevin Durant has single handily proven that OKC is a treat. This small forward has been playing with an animal instinct attacking the basket at any given time, scoring 14 out of 20 on the Sixers Tuesday. KD was putting on a clinic, and keeping his opposition off balance. The very moment Durant’s competition guards the paint he goes outside. His game is so versatile it makes him a tough match up for many teams.

LeBron has been quoted as speaking on how polished Durant’s game is, and how he admires his intensity. That same intensity had proven to be too much for the entire Philly roster. KD was getting whatever he wanted in this game; it just looked like an MVP audition tape. With each basket he was etching his name on every ballot.

Kevin Durant: OKC vs. PHL: 42 points/ 9 rebounds / 3 assists

Kevin Durant: Overall Averages: 31.7 points / 7.7 rebounds / 5.5 assists /

Out for half the season on a couple different occasion for a right knee injury would leave most players stagnant and stifled. However, it has been quite the opposite for star point guard Russell Westbrook. He returned in the game against Miami Heat and got his feet wet.

Throughout a series of games Westbrook has regained his same speed, strength, and intensity. In their groundbreaking game against the Sixers he really showed up. The numbers he put up were astounding; 13 points, 14 assist, and 10 rebounds. The crazy part about that performance is how quick he accumulated these numbers.

Westbrook racked up 8 assists in the first six minutes of the game and 11 at the half. If that was not impressive enough he got his triple-double in 21 minutes with 4:55 left in the third. That seemed to be enough to put the gag on Sixers point guard Michael Carter Williams, who was trash talking Westbrook all game.

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka are the west coast big three, and they are staking their claim in the western conference. There are not many teams that can compete with them on a consistent basis. The Thunder is the only proven threat to the west. They are 46 – 15 overall and have only allowed six losses on their home floor. Not many spectators can debate the efficiency of OKC after all they are number one in the western conference. Although, The Spurs, Rockets and Clippers are close none of them have come close enough with many attempts.

When these guys join forces it is not much that can stop them. Kevin Durant can step on the floor and play the point, center and small forward position. It is something he is very comfortable with. His game is like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Hakeem Olajuwon mixed in one man. Durant embodies Birds shooting, Magic’s precision, and Hakeem’s dominance.

OKC Off The Court

Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka deliver the hardest two-piece in their conference. Westbrook runs the point and can get his team open at any time, plus he has been averaging 20.8 points this season. So, if Ibaka has too much heat in the paint Westbrook can get the bucket himself, or dish off to Kevin Durant. OKC have all the necessary weapons to compete with the best of them. Just the fact that there 3 star plaryers can shoot, pass and defend is dangerous. The only other team with that depth is the Miami Heat. LeBron is locked in on Durant and plans to not make things easy for him. But, that is only because he knows The Thunder is their only proven threat.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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