Kevin Spacey Offers Amends to Rob Ford

Kevin Spacey Offers Amends to Rob Ford

Kevin Spacey, the diversified actor and comedian, has offered amends to Toronto mayor, Rob Ford. After a feud of sorts erupted between the actor, Ford and his brother Doug, Spacey has gone on with his life as the Ford brothers have held onto a grudge. Spacey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a post Oscar show that also featured Ford in a cameo. The pair shared a dressing room and apparently did not become friends.

A lot was going on that night, the Oscars, Twitter breaking down and a pizza party for the stars. As Kimmel wrapped up the evening with his after party on the air, Ford was introduced and strutted out on the faux red carpet, only to be told to come back the next night for his interview. Spacey appeared quickly as the first guest after Ford and quipped how he had never followed a Ford before and a banged one up, at that.

Kimmel joined in the roast of the Toronto mayor and asked how things had gone in their shared dressing room. Spacey did not seem thrilled and answered that Ford had thrown up all over the room. All jokes aside, he was alluding to the reported alcohol and drug use of the mayor. Of course the Ford brothers heard it all and were not laughing.

Spacey seemed jovial and happy to be Kimmel’s first guest as they went on to other topics with no further mention of Ford. Trying to trump the famous Twitter photo Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars, Spacey took a selfie with Kimmel to try and beat the record. Meanwhile, the Ford brothers were stewing about not being allowed to have their picture taken with Spacey backstage.

The show went on with skits and such and especially entertaining was Spacey’s impersonation of Johnny Carson. The most talented actor who now portrays Frank Underwood on Netflix’s House of Cards actually has quite a repertoire of impressions under his belt. His mannerisms and voice likeness of Carson was spot on and somewhat eerie to hear at that time of late night television. It was as if Carson had risen from the dead to join in with the fun. Spacey brilliantly had narrated a PBS special on Carson in 2012, Johnny Carson: King of Late Night.

Spacey, age 55, has been in numerous films and has been nominated five times for House of Cards. He has won two Academy Awards, one for Best Supporting Actor in 1995 for The Usual Suspects and one in 1999 for Best Actor in American Beauty. He acts, he sings and he dances, as he also likes to lead a private life.

Once asked if he was gay since he has never married, Spacey said no, but has remained mostly silent about his personal life. His public life is on the stage, in films and with other impressions he does quite accurately, such as Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemmon and even Bill Clinton. Spacey’s private life is his own, below the spotlights, as he much prefers and is entitled to.

Kevin Spacey Offers Amends to Rob FordIf Spacey can play a politician and know politicians such as Clinton, he certainly can make good with politicians. He did not let the spat with the Fords go on for long as he photo-shopped a picture of himself with outraged brothers. As he tweeted the image, it was clear he was being a good sport. Doug Ford had called Spacey a choice word, not to be repeated, and seemed still upset about the incident that occurred on the Kimmel show.

At this point, Spacey’s photo-op with the Fords a few weeks ago may or may not have been up to him, but he is now doing what he can to make it right. A Kimmel reunion complete with a pizza party and photos might be down the road as we all stay tuned.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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