Kim Kardashian Takes a Stake From Buffy

Kim Kardashian Takes a Stake From Buffy

Kim Kardashian Takes a Stake From Buffy

Never let it be said that Sarah Michelle Gellar does not have good taste, her reaction to the Vogue cover featuring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West prompted the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star to lash out and Kim took a metaphorical stake from “Buffy.” Somewhat disappointingly the slayer does not use wooden stakes these days to dispatch the undead, she uses Twitter, and sadly Kimye did not explode into a puff of dust and ash.

Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban took umbrage at Gellar’s tweet which promised that the 36 year-old actress and mother of two would be cancelling her subscription to Vogue. This tweet not only proved that the star of The Crazy Ones has class, but that she did not approve of the fashion mag’s choice for its April cover. It is a bit dismaying that this couple are being glorified for their conspicuous consumption.

Cheban tweeted back to Sarah snarkily asking why she even mattered. If this Kardashian BFF was a little wiser and not so blinded by his friendship with Kim, he’d have known that Ms Gellar earned her status as a hard working, and damned talented, actress. She achieved celebrity by the sweat of her brow, not because she had a sex tape leaked on the Internet or had enough “alleged” plastic surgery to enhance her appearance.

Of course it does make sense that the PR specialist would rush to defend his beloved Kim Kardashian from taking a stake from Buffy. If not for Kim, Jonathan would not have the status he currently enjoys. After appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians in the third season Cheban became a household name as Kim’s BFF.

Cheban has also appeared on two Kardashian spin-offs and then got his own reality television show The Spin Crowd. Sadly Kim’s BFF was not interesting enough on his own and this show was axed after just one season. Presumably because Kardashian was not attached to it.

BFF issues aside, Sarah Michelle Gellar was not the only celeb to diss Kimye about their Vogue cover. James Franco and Seth Rogen did their own version of the couple’s pose, they also did a great spoof of Kanye West’s esoteric music video for Bound 2, and Miss Piggy and Kermit joined in on the fun. The two muppets posed in Kimye style as well.

A couple of rumors have dogged the famous couple, Kim and Kanye, not Miss Piggy and Kermit. According to the mill, West begged Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who denies this is the case. Wintour stated that she felt that Kanye was a cultural provocateur and brilliant performer while Kim used her “strength of character” to carve her own place in the spotlight.

It should be noted that Sarah Michelle Gellar’s tweet, which must have felt like a stake through the heart to Kim Kardashian, got a lot of support from other Twitter users. Tweets that agreed with Buffy’s post, saying that she would be cancelling her subscription, flew fast and furious on the social network. Of course Kim got support as well, aside from BFF Cheban her family also tweeted congrats. Even Kanye West took a second to tweet. The second rumor about the Vogue cover, Kate Upton who is said to be the original April choice, has not tweeted about the couple at all.

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