Kim Kardashian Wedding Guests Must Sign Confidentiality Agreement

Kim KardashianIn an attempt to stop details being leaked, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are telling all wedding guests that they must sign a confidentiality agreement. On the day, they will also have their phones confiscated to prevent photos being shared without their knowledge or agreement.

No friends or family members will be exempt from this, even those who understand the need for privacy from the press now and then. The news comes despite the couple allegedly allowing a network to film their entire day for people to see.

The couple has already dealt with their private moments being leaked, such as West’s romantic proposal. It seems a little ridiculous considering most of the 33-year-old’s life and much of their life together are documented through the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

There is another reason for confiscating the cell phones. The couple wants to make the day about them, and who can blame them? It is their wedding day after all. They want to discourage people from using their phones during the day, even if it is for texting or making genuine phone calls that do not involve the media. Of course, phones will be kept somewhere secure, and all guests have the ability to use them at a currently undisclosed location. This location will be away from the wedding festivities to discourage them unless it is an emergency.

All wedding guests will have to sign the confidentiality agreement if they want to attend Kardashian’s wedding, except two celebrities. Sources close to the couple claims that West will not ask Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z to sign these non-disclosure contracts. They will not have to hand over their cell phones either, but will likely feel discouraged from using them.

The chances of Beyonce and Jay-Z leaking anything to the press is highly unlikely considering they understand the need for privacy, but it does suggest double standards. No other celebrities will be off the hook.

The wedding will be here before Kardashian and her husband-to-be know it. It is schedule for May 24, and will be in some location in Paris. Very few details have been shared with the media to avoid a circus, which happened at the reality TV show star’s second wedding.

Most of the preparations have reportedly been finalized, which the two have had equal roles in. Even the prenuptial agreements have been signed, especially since the mother of one has given into the idea of having more children. Part of the prenuptial agreement also states that Kardashian will get $1 million each year they remain married, but that is capped at $10 million. She will even remain the beneficiary of West’s life insurance policy if they divorce.

The agreement seems extremely favorable for the clothing line owner. All money she makes from her various ventures will remain separate from the marital income.

Their wedding will remain a relatively small and intimate affair, with reportedly 150-200 guests. While all their guests will now have received their invite, they may be in for a shock to learn that they must sign a confidentiality agreement to attend Kardashian’s wedding.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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