Kobe Bryant Uses Media to Pressure Lakers Front Office

LakersMuch like his old coach and mentor Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant uses media to pressure the Lakers and their front office, voicing his frustrations and ideas about how the team should intend to operate next season. Bryant is arguably the greatest competitor ever to play the game of basketball, his dissatisfaction with loosing has him directing his negative frustrations to the media and his teammates. Kobe has gone so far to say that the basketball keen President Obama could make the current Lakers roster.

Since entering the league in 1996 Kobe has only missed the playoffs once, he is used to winning to say the least. His demeanor this season does not comply with the current rebuilding philosophy of the Laker’s front office. He has continually called out he Buss family in several media interviews conveying Jeanie and her brother Jim need to discover a compromise in order to develop some “clear authority.” Like most Laker fans Kobe believes the changes need to start at the top, via the Lakers front office. Bryant has also spoken about how coach Mike D’Antoni is an issue for the Lakers front office. In an interview Kobe had said, “…And, what’s mike going to do? What they want to do with Mike?”, speaking of the Lakers front office and their intentions with their coach, who has taken the majority of the blame from Lakers fans. Kobe has gone on to say, he does not know if D’Antoni has “earned” another year with the Lakers.

Kobe has made it clear with vehemence in media interviews that the Lakers do not “rebuild,” they contend for championships. The future hall of fame shooting guard went on to say that “true Lakers fans” understand this, that is what they are used to; not rebuilding or tanking for the lottery. Bryant has asked publicly that the Lakers go all in this summer and try and recruit free-agents to play with him in Los Angeles. Kobe is reportedly talking about Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James, who both have opt-out options in their illustrious contracts. All in all basketball experts believe Kobe is not criticizing the franchise is some cynical way, rather since he signed a two-year $48.5 million dollar contract Kobe does not want to give up on his team and the chance to win another ring. Kobe’s sixth ring would tie him with the great Michael Jordan, and tie the Lakers ultimate rivals, the Boston Celtics, compiling 17 championships for the franchise.

Kobe Bryant uses media to pressure the Lakers players as well as their front office. He reportedly trash talked Lakers small forward  Nick Young, playfully refusing to “talk to players playing on teams 22 games under 500.” Although playful bantering is common is basketball teams Kobe went on to say in an interview that he believed President Obama could make the current Laker roster.

Bryant has been criticized by NBA experts that his remarks are not helping his teams position, not too mention the financially limiting $48.5 million dollar contract he is receiving from the Lakers that seemingly restricts the Lakers from signing any major stars  like Lebron James.

Kobe continued his media banter on the Lakers when he admitted that if the Lakers organization was in contention for the playoffs, he would be playing. That is to say that he is healthy enough to play but is taking a step back from the game so he does not injure himself again in a wasted season. Its hard to disagree with Kobe as he uses media to pressure the Lakers front office, especially for Lakers fans who have endured this terrible season.

Editorial by Zane Foley


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