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Lea Michele is a young starlet who has prime time in love with her role as Rachel Berry on Glee. Her character is a bubbly, corky singer in the high school glee club. However outside of that she is just a common girl who flirts with this industry. Lea battles the normal issues life throws at her good and bad. She is multifaceted and has much to offer the entertainment field she plays in. As an actress that sings, it makes her a shoo in for Broadway, Musicals, and many other dynamic roles. But, she is branching out from just acting. Michele is taking her turn at a music career, and voice over work again. There are not many surprised by the leap from one field to the other, because she has an innate ability to adapt quickly. Despite what obstacles may be ahead of her she can prevail.

Lea Michele has been living life on the fast track compared to most. At 27 years old she already has fully established herself on an Emmy Award winning show as a leading actress, plus she had major roles on The Cleveland Show, The Simpsons, New Year’s Eve, and now Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return. This animated feature is a spin-off the original Wizards of Oz, except it takes place back in Kansas. Dorothy goes back home to see it is wrecked by the tornado that took her to Oz. Lea plays Dorothy who explores the aspect of saving Kansas and Oz from devastation. From the looks of the trailer she does a smashing job. There are not many hats that she has not tried. Glee is on the sixth successful season with a seventh in the works. Though, that may appear to be very exciting to most, it is just another day at the office to Lea. She may love what she does but she has had to take some occasional breaks for life, and career changes involving music and movies. However, the Glee star has a lot she has gained from this show outside of income, consistent work, and awards. Lea Michele gained more opportunities, friends, and a loving boyfriend.

Love is something that is necessary in many girls’ lives and Lea is no different. On her show Lea’s character was dating a sports jock named Finn Hudson. Their love affair mirrored the typical high school relationship. So, of course there was break ups to make ups and everything in between. However, some say the constant encounters of working together played a part in developing their real relationship. She could only pretend so long before it became official. Over a period of time Lea MicheleCory Monteith made Lea Michele his girlfriend. It all seemed to blooming so beautifully until Cory’s untimely death last year. That is a tough pill to swallow; most girls just break up with there first love. But, Lea lost hers to an overdose, and explained to Glamor Magazine that she immediately tried to process it without drowning herself in anything toxic. She continued to ensure readers that she feels a bit more back together, but is still not ready to date again. Losing someone that means that much can leave a void. Lea has admitted to how it has affected her. So, her recent music endeavors could have a lot to do with filling that void Cory left behind.

Louder is Lea’s new album it is a power ballad pop record with a lot of passion. Every track gives the listeners a little piece of her. Some critics have harshly judged her debut album, but the fans love it. There is literally a song on there for every type of women. The album is riddled with raw emotion and definitely pays tribute to 80s disco music with a dub step twist. And for those who wanted to know if the Glee singer could deliver on every track just listen to On My Way. That song has many different elements in it proving that she understands the dynamics of making music. These songs are not just show tune Broadway classics. Lea’s songs have a degree of depth that only comes from feeling what is being sung. The feeling and emotion was felt on all the tracks, but none more than Your Mine. That is the song that is rumored to be about her late boyfriend and love Corey Monteith. The words are beautiful and provide a glimpse into their world for a brief moment.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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