LeBron James Returns For Ilgauskas


LeBron James returns to Cleveland, Ohio for Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s jersey retirement ceremony. Now ordinarily one would not expect to see James in a Cavs skybox, but this was a special occasion to him. He could not forsake an opportunity to return to his old home to support an old friend. Ilgauskas was one of his teammates back in his younger years with The Cavilers. They build a respectable bond that has lasted ever since his separation from the team in 2010.

James was reported as saying how special this day was for “Z”, and he was grateful to be apart of it. That is probably the opposite reactions some diehard Cavs fans were expecting. The reason being is there was bad blood between The Cavs and James after his tasteless departure. The franchise owner all but waged war against James his former pupil. However, there has been some mending of bridges between the two, so his arrival was not unwarranted.

Even though James has been gone from The Cavilers for so long, there is still a bit of excitement to see him in the arena. Just the simple fact that he actually showed up was enough for some to assume James was scouting. Nevertheless, James dismissed the idea that he was there for anything more than Ilgauskas. The visit was all play, no work, the complete opposite of what most were expecting. James watched in excitement as he observed his former teammate being appreciated. He stood on the sideline like a proud little brother watching his big brother get the highest honor. James snapped pictures with his phone like a fan to commemorate the surreal moment.

Indeed LeBron enjoyed returning to Cleveland for Ilgauskas, but at the end of the day Cleveland, Ohio is still his past. Furthermore, at the sound of every whistle he returns to Miami his home without Ilgauskas, Gibson, or Williams. James is currently a back – to – back champion with The Heat, and his eyes are set on a three-peat. The extreme success this team has had in the past two years should kill all the trade rumors.

However, in the world of sports things are not black and white, and never have been. Cleveland enthusiasts are trying to turn the headline “James returns for Ilgauskas” into “James returning to Cleveland.” It is outlandish that this franchise would think he would ever be coming back. No matter if he has forgiven all parties he never forgot. They city of Cleveland went crazy when he decided to leave. Fans were videotaping jersey burning and cursing the former Cavs super star, and The Franchise led that angry mob.

The most surprising thing about this topic showing up in any conversation is no one can suggest a solid reason he should return. The selfish reasons need not apply at this point. Realistically speaking, The Cavs do not have the money, roster, coach or staff to possibly make James interested. The team is not preforming well and will more than likely get knocked out of the playoffs like last year. The change this team requires is more than just James can provide. The Cavaliers will have to except the fact that a visit to Cleveland does not mean a departure from Miami.

Commentary By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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