Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Focuses on Rehab Recovery

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan’s new reality show premiered on March 9, and focused mainly on her rehab recovery. Oprah Winfrey got the first interview with the former child star since she completed her sixth attempt at rehab in the summer of 2013.

Winfrey used her own network OWN to snag that all-important first interview. She promised the 27-year-old actress an eight-week reality TV show, documenting her comeback. Part of that comeback includes a guest spot on 2 Broke Girls, which airs next month.

However, the eight-week series, Lindsay, has not gone to plan for the chat show host. Camera crews were locked out of Lohan’s house, and it led to Winfrey giving her a stern talking to. That scene is likely to appear in a future episode of the series, and fans will get to see how the Mean Girls actress will take the 60-year-old’s advice.

During Sunday night’s episodes, fans were likely hoping for screaming, shouting and a lot of stereotypical Lohan behavior. It is something everyone now expects after repeated court appearances for DUIs, drug abuses and broken paroles. Instead, fans got the chance to see a more grown-up actress, who acknowledges that her past behavior was bad.

In the interview, the actress explained that she felt trapped because of the paparazzi constantly around her. At no point did she accept that this was due to her previous behavior, but it seems that it was all part of a vicious cycle. She would act out with paparazzi around, but that would lead to them wanting to catch her in the act again. Lohan has made it clear that she wants to change, and her new reality show is focused on her recovery after rehab, along with her comeback onto the big screen.

Winfrey has tried to help keep the show focused on the positives, which is very typical of the TV chat show host. Much of the 60-year-old’s comments were about the young Freaky Friday star being “in the right place” or making all the “right decisions.”

There was also a look into the life of the celebrity. Part of the filming included Lohan looking for an apartment to rent in New York, where she wants to make her fresh start. However, she gets annoyed at her real estate agent after hearing that she needs one thing that she cannot get: renter’s liability insurance. Due to her status and known actions, insurance companies refuse to give her the cover required. It was the one apartment out of the 10 she had looked at that she liked. She has been staying in hotels, and would ask to move rooms just to have something different to look at.

Her comeback is not going quite to plan. During one job, which involved a lingerie shoot, she was asked to read a few lines. She quickly broke into tears and ran off the set.

The first episode was relatively tame, but fans are waiting for the meltdown that they know is coming. The end of the first episode of the reality show had hints of what is to come, despite focusing on Lohan’s recovery after her sixth time in rehab.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


New York Daily News

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