Lindsay Lohan Stays in Game


How, one may wonder, is the formerly “innocent’ starlet Lindsay Lohan still managing to stay in the game of show business? Perhaps it’s society’s craving for controversy that keeps her afloat. Maybe there is a method to Lindsay’s madness. Either way, she certainly has not faded away from the headlines – not even close.

Lindsay’s career started out as a young actress in kid-friendly movies like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. A little after that, Lindsay shot to stardom with Mean Girls. Unfortunately, that’s around the time things started to take a turn for the worse. Not only, could one mention a string of box office failures, but there has been talk of drug and alcohol abuse, car “incidents”, rumors of poor professionalism, etc. There have even been stories in the media of more experienced celebs attempting, without success, to offer helpful advice to Lohan. For example, on the set of Georgia Rule, Jane Fonda reportedly had to scold Lindsay for tardiness.

Despite all the madness, Lindsay Lohan pulls a magic act, of sorts, and stays in the cutthroat game of entertainment. Very recently, she has made headlines by agreeing to star in Oprah’s OWN series Lindsay, wherein the premise begs Lohan to change her “ways” and turn over a new leaf. Not surprising, is a somewhat frustrated Oprah (she also appears in the TV show), who apparently needs to confront Lindsay on her lack of commitment to the goals set forth. Audience members even get to see Oprah Winfrey curse, although it seems to be censored, of course.

Aside from this new “reality” show on OWN, which is sure to get solid viewership, there is apparently a book deal making headlines as well.  It seems publishing giant HarperCollins has offered the troubled star one million dollars to put out a book outlining her chaotic life experiences. Beginning with Lindsay’s childhood as a freckle faced star of PG films, the book will follow Lohan through her 2013 time in rehab. It seems Lindsay’s diary, written during her court-ordered stay, will lay the foundation for this book.

But wait, there’s more! Rumors of a Mean Girls 2 are slowly starting to circulate. Although there is no real evidence that a sequel will materialize anytime in the near future, there is actual talk of a cast reunion. While on the Tonight Show, Lohan mentioned that Tina Fey, who also starred in the original film (and wrote it) may be interested in getting something together, i.e. a comedy sketch or an appearance at an awards show. Amy Poehler is one of a few who’ve apparently already agreed to partake.

With a stint in rehab, court appearances, and the odd press both Lindsay’s parents have received over the years, life has not been easier for the now, 27-year-old, infamous red-head. So, with all the negative attention, how exactly is it that Lindsay Lohan stays in the game? The answer is unclear, yet it is certainly a marker for the way in which society prioritizes what’s “hot” and what’s not. Lindsay may be only one of many infamous and troubled attention getters, however her staying power seems to outshine them all.

Opinion By Josh Taub

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