Lindsay Lohan Talks About Sex List and Reality Show

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday March 31, where she will talk about her recent reality show and sex list scandal. This is the first official interview since her reality show has started airing, and she has already filmed all eight episodes.

There are already various clips from her interview, which has already been filmed in full. Ellen DeGeneres is not going easy on the former child star. At one point, she cannot help but mention the fact that Lohan has tried rehab six times.

While speaking about her reality show, Lindsay, the actress explains that she has found a new mentor in Oprah Winfrey. According to the actress, she speaks to Winfrey on a daily basis, although sources close to the star have said that she will sometimes ignore the talk show host’s calls when she believes she can handle situations.

On the upcoming talk show episode, Lohan explains how Winfrey is a “guiding light,” and someone she admires. She also explains how the reality show helped her with her sobriety. The whole reason for it was to get back into a working routine, so she could focus on something rather than her addiction to various drugs and alcohol. Cynics have also noted that it was a way for the troubled celebrity to get back into the limelight and restart her career.

While talking about her reality show, Lohan also mentioned the sex list that has been doing the rounds. Guardian Liberty Voice reported yesterday that there is a 36-person sex list on the internet, which includes James Franco who has stated he should not be on that list.

DeGeneres does not bring up the list specifically. She starts off by talking about the Mean Girl’s singing career. At the height of her acting career, the 27-year-old tried to break into the singing industry and released two albums. One of the songs on the album was sung on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2004.

During the interview, DeGeneres jokes that she even forgot the actress made an attempt at singing. She even asks if the song Over was the only time that Lohan has sung. In good spirits, the troubled actress does state that DeGeneres not remembering it may be the reason why her singing career never really took off in the way she hoped.

According to the 27-year-old, the song Over was written shortly after a breakup. DeGeneres makes it clear she wants to know which guy it was, and Lohan cannot help but joke about the sex list. The talk show host does not take the bait, and gets the actress to give up the name of the man. It turns out that the song is about Wilmer Valderrama, and was written while still living with him.

The upcoming episode of the daytime talk show will air on Monday March 31, 2014. It is a chance for Lohan to really talk about her rehab and reality show, but there is also a mention of the sex list and her attempt at a singing career.

By Alexandria Ingham


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