Linkin Park Member Brad Delson Opens Up About the Upcoming Album

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With the release of Linkin Park’s song Guilty all the Same, many fans are excited to hear more from a currently unnamed album in the early workings of production. The song features rapper Rakim and has created quite a buzz even as the song was not announced on as many mediums as the previous single A Light That Never Comes featuring Steve Aoki. Returning to their roots, the song sounds much more like music from their first two albums using much harder rock elements and deeper hip hop connections instead of the softer or more electronic albums of late. Linkin Park’s guitarist Brad Delson has opened up to media about the upcoming album.

He assures the new album is guitar oriented and, although he has stated in previous interviews that guitar solos are not something he likes to perform, the album will include a large number of solos. The theme of Guilty All The Same seems to be a commentary on fans complaints on Linkin Park “selling out” with their newer songs. Delson says the track is a perfect first glimpse of the album as a whole. This could mean the rest of the playlist will include subtle messages to fans and insight into the mindset of the group. He goes on to mention the album is looking like something they would have done back in 2000 instead of Hybrid Theory. Meaning that the inspiration of Hybrid Theory and the new record are the same.

The uniqueness of Linkin Park’s sound is not in question as Delson says that although many have mixed and are mixing different rock and hip hop elements, none have been able to do it exactly how the band has made their fame with. A “void” needed to be filled with this music because there was nothing else close enough to satisfy members of the band. To satisfy the need to fill the “void”, Linkin Park has reached out to other artists for the first time in a brand new album. The guests on the upcoming album remain unknown but if Brad Delson is opening up about how the band is making the music stronger, then we should hear some great tunes when the album drops.

Also a change in the band’s trajectory is the removal of co-producer Rick Rubin who assisted members in the previous three albums. Brad Delson explained that the band has a clear mission in mind and wants to sick to it as closely as possible. The guitars will sound more like guitars instead of electronic pieces but it’s “not a throwback”. They plan to incorporate sounds that meet their standard and mission for a unique Linkin Park. He hints the album being released later this year.

The mission statement however will not hold back the band from using their mistakes to their benefit if it goes well with the overall feel of the music. Thanks to Linkin Park’s Brad Delson opening up to media about the upcoming album, fans will have their eyes and ears open for any more information of this groundbreaking new album.

Opinion by Andy Diaz

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