Lydia Ansel: Interview with Andre’ Haynes

Lydia Ansel: Interview with Andre’ Haynes

In what will be a regular feature in the Guardian Liberty Voice, the publication is again very pleased to feature another interview from Andre’ Haynes who had a chat with the lovely and talented Lydia Ansel. This impressive individual with a long list of accomplishments took time out of her busy schedule to have a talk about her achievements and to impart some valuable advice for those who might benefit from it.

Andre’ Haynes, founder of Endeavor Media Group, talks Endeavors in an interview with Lydia Ansel:

When thinking of a violinist an image of formal events with men in black tuxedos and ladies in ravishing ball gowns twirling around a dance floor springs immediately to mind. In the background, an orchestra plays softly while couples waltz. It was this internal vision that Andre’ had in mind when he met Lydia Ansel and experienced her life-changing performance. Most classically trained violinist do not and cannot push the envelope and explore endeavors beyond the realms of tradition.

Lydia may be a classically trained violinist; however, her performance style, stage presence and musical interpretation have transcended what many people have come to know, or are accustomed to hearing from a violin. Lydia is young, physically attractive and can be shy at first, but her talent and skill resonate so loudly that they have landed her on stage performing with the likes of Jordin Sparks, John Legend, Regina Carter, Randy Travis, Clint Holmes, Three Dog Night and many more.

Performing like nobody else has provided countless opportunities for Lydia to play several music genres internationally as a soloist and in symphonies, small ensembles, big band orchestras, tribute bands, and country-rock-variety bands. Ms. Ansel is also excited to be performing with Rod Stewart once again with his current concert series for his Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace Hotel.

Lydia Ansel took a break from performing and talked about her endeavors. *The question and answer session, or the interview, after the beginning, will refer to Andre’ Haynes as “A” and Lydia Ansel as “L.”*

Andre’: Describe the most valuable business lesson that you have ever learned?

Lydia: Entertainers are in the people business, which means that each and every person you meet is just as important to your world as all the hours of practicing and working on your craft. To me, getting to meet and learn about all my new friends is one of the best perks 🙂

A: What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

L: Being able to perform live is my favorite thing, and is such a thrill and rush. All it takes is one person to smile, nod their head, tap their foot, or dance the night away, and my night is made in knowing that I helped someone have a good time. I have to say though, it is definitely a plus when it is more than one person though! (laughs)

Lydia Ansel: Interview with Andre’ Haynes

A: Did you have to make sacrifices to become successful and if so what?

L: I have been lucky enough to not feel like I have had to make sacrifices, but I would say the closest thing is opportunity cost as a performer. Sometimes it can be so hard to try to choose between amazing opportunities being offered. If only I could clone myself and take every show offered to me!

A: Who is your greatest supporter and how do they support you?

L: Of course my family and friends are both incredibly supportive, however I have to say that my boyfriend, Chris Phillips has been “instrumental” in not only supporting me in all my efforts, but also pushing me forward and finding new opportunities to succeed. I am so grateful to have a best friend who also understands and lives in the entertainment world. Now if he could just cook… (laughs)

A: Share some business advice.

L: I will just share what my mother always taught me which is save for tomorrow, but also make sure to enjoy today as well. Finding a balance is important and it is great to plan for the future, however embracing every moment that life gives you on today can be rewarding too.

Lydia Ansel: Interview with Andre’ Haynes

A: Any future endeavors?

L: Performing and to continue exploring all that Las Vegas has to offer, and find new ways to improve (musically and personally) and enjoy life!

A: Do you have any upcoming events or media interviews?

L: You can watch me weekly on Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. on Fremont Street Experience performing with Zowie Bowie and also weekly on Friday nights at 11:00 p.m. inside the Rocks Lounge at Red Rock Resort performing with Zowie Bowie. And of course, I perform regularly with Bella Strings.

A: Stay tuned for exciting news from Bella Strings! Lastly Lydia, where can fans follow you?

L: Facebook: LydiaAnselVegas
Instagram: LydiaAnsel
Twitter: LydiaAnsel

This interview was conducted and transcribed by Andre’ Haynes; the founder and president of Endeavor Media Group, a Las Vegas-based Political Consulting and Public Relations company. Haynes regularly contributes to publications, records voice-overs, and is co-host of a radio talk-show. Andre’ supports organizations like the American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, and United Blood Services.

Lydia Ansel: Interview with Andre’ Haynes
Andre’ Haynes

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