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For the fans who loved W.E. get ready to get excited  all over again because Madonna is directing a new film. The Queen of Pop is directing a film adaptation of Adé: A Love Story a debut novel by Rebecca Walker. The film is to be produced by Bruce Cohen who was behind the productions of such films as Silver Linings Playbook, Milk and American Beauty which won Cohen a shared Oscar for Best Picture.

Madonna’s first directorial debut was in 2008 with Fifth and Wisdom, a comedy set in London with three roommates living desperate lives. In 2011, Madonna directed W.E. starring Abbie Cornish, Andrea Riseborough and  James D’arcy. The film won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song from a Motion Picture and was nominated for Best Achievement in Costume Design at The Academy Awards in 2012. W.E. was the story of Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee, and King Edward VIII. Though the film only made $583,000 at domestic box offices, for Madonna, it was a long-awaited affirmation that the singer has no creative boundaries. Madonna who has always been regarded as a brilliant business woman and trend-setting locomotive, never ceases to amaze the public with the amount of talent the Truth or Dare star has.

Adé: A Love Story centers around a young American woman who falls in love with a Muslim man, while traveling with companion that happens to be a feminist. The couple fall in love but are quickly awakened from their relationship bliss when political and cultural pressures are forced upon them. The amorous tale promises not to be a typical Hollywood love story with religion, sex, race and lesbianism all being intertwined into the film. The couple, planning to have a whirlwind wedding and live in Kenya, become caught in a civil war that has the potential to come between, and destroy, the relationship. Madonna directing this new film is a perfect match as the Hard Candy singer has already dealt with some of the very issues Adé: A Love Story deals with.  Not to mention that Madonna is already a fan of Walker’s book.

The film is just in the beginning stages and Cohen is working with Walker and Jessica Leventhal, the director of development with Bruce Cohen Productions. Financing is coming from the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and the producers, along with Madonna, are in search of a screenwriter that would be able to adapt the novel into a film version. Madonna is the perfect choice for directing the debut novel which was published through Amazon’s imprint, Little A.

Thankfully, Madonna was married to British screenwriter, producer and director, Guy Ritchie, for eight years and his experience and knowledge may have rubbed off on the blonde icon. Certainly Madonna has no plans to slow down as the upcoming director seems to be branching out instead of dying down. The announcement that Madonna is slated to be the one directing this new film is music to Madonna fans everywhere. Madge’s fans can never get enough of anything that Madonna touches, be it music, film or a controversial book entitled SEX.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


The Hollywood Reporter

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