Madonna Shows Off Hairy Armpits: Who Cares?

This is not the first time Madonna has shown off hairy armpits. Who cares about them? Certainly not Madonna. The 55-year-old Queen of Pop posted a pic of herself on Instagram yesterday, wearing a black bowtie, lacy black bra and corset. If that concoction was not enough, she had her right arm raised, and not in solidarity, but in hirsute. Her incredibly hairy underarm faced the world, as the diva messaged, “Long hair….Don’t care!!!!!!” followed by a bunch of hashtags attempting to convince the public that her arm is, indeed, raised for a cause. Most people seem to assume the singer’s biggest causes are all her own.

The incredibly ambitious marketing genius and songstress said in a 2011 interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she purposefully avoided being like most of the other girls in high school. One gets the sense that she did not want to compete on a level she felt she could not, though the star also attempts to pass off her awkward teen years as a “rebel cause.” Perhaps there is truth to that. Only she really knows.

It is not only the Pop superstar who does not care about her hairy underarms. It seems no one else cares for them, either, judging by widespread comments from multiple sources. To say no one cares about them might not be totally accurate, however. The singer has always been her own top promoter and knows how to create buzz. If there was a BuzzFeed before BuzzFeed, it was Madonna. Whether accessorizing with long, black lacy gloves, wearing a bustier on stage, “Vogue-ing” in suggestive poses or showing a bushy pit, one gets the sense that she is all about “Vogue” and “Papa Don’t Preach,” and never “Like a Virgin.” Has the teen who dressed counter-culture to go against the grain grown up?

The fashion-statement that is women’s hairy legs and underarms comes and goes, with the longest periods and most ongoing support for this look still likely being European (other than countries where women don’t have enough water and the instruments with which to shave). In North America and like-minded cultures, the style (or lack of) was big in the 1960s and 70s, when women burned bras and marched in protests for all sorts of things. Hairy parts makes a comeback each generation with women of a certain age and politic (not necessarily gay, but often “grassroots”), and usually does not last, although there is the odd case….

In a world where countries wage war with each other, and famine, poverty and disease abound, one wonders why anyone cares about an entertainer’s body hair or lack of. She is so famous, there might be those who would buy bits of her DNA in the form of those coarse, unappealing bits of biomaterial (hazarding a guess). With regards to DNA, a savvy Japanese cosmetics firm called MTG got Madonna on board selling an anti-aging line for women. The product, backed by the Pop diva who claims to have not cared about her appearance then or now, is cleverly called MDNA. Perhaps it is made with star follicle filaments.

Opinion by Julie Mahfood

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