Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Debris Spotted on Andhra Coast?

Malaysia Airlines

There may be a new clue in the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which disappeared without a trace on March 8th. Floating debris which resembles an aircraft has been spotted in the waters off the coast of Andhra. The update came in from Telegu news Wednesday, reporting that local fishermen were the first to spot the debris at Kutta Gouduru beach located in south coastal Andhra off the Bay of Bengal.

Local authorities have informed top officials about the unidentified floating debris, still it has not been confirmed as to what exactly the fishermen saw and no official reports have come in to say it was indeed the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

Many speculations are still circulating as the search for the Malaysian Airlines plane continues. Families of all 239 people on board are still desperately seeking answers. Hopefully this new bit of information will shed some light on the mysterious disappearance of flight 370.

In a recent update, the home flight simulator which was assembled by the pilot of the MH370, has recently had its files deleted as reported by the Malaysian defense ministry. Investigators are currently working to retrieve those deleted files.

By Katie Sevigny

Daily Bhaskar

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