Marijuana Moms More Powerful Than Soccer Moms

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The medical marijuana debate is in full swing with 20 states on board and several others ready to take the plunge. An unlikely source of advocates namely, moms, could become as powerful as soccer moms in the fight for their children. Soccer moms have earned the reputation of being  intelligent cheerleaders and outspoken advocates for their children’s physical activities. There is nothing more powerful than a mother advocating for their child. Mothers of children with severe health challenges are adopting the same take-charge attitudes as many of the so-called “soccer moms.” A mother wants to offer her child any and all options that may be available to help them, despite politic banter from people who do not know what it is like to be a parent of an ill child. Studies have shown marijuana to be a real medical solution to many ailments including some in children.

The most famous case of medical marijuana usage in children is the “Charlotte’s Web” strain used in Colorado. The discovery of a strain low in Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the euphoric property and high in cannabidiol (CBD), the anti-seizure properties bring yet more validity to the usage of medical marijuana, and in particular children suffering with seizures. Paige Figi, a Colorado mother was out of options when she turned to Joshua Stanley. Stanley, a Colorado marijuana grower,  helped to creature the strain now known as “Charlotte’s Webb.” By the time Figi’s daughter Charlotte turned five, she was suffering from a rare epileptic condition called Dravet syndrome. Charlotte was in a wheelchair and only spoke a few words. She had also gone into cardiac arrest on more than one occasion and was experiencing roughly 300 seizures per week.  Figi started using extracted cannabis oil twice a day in Charlotte’s food. As a result, Charlotte’s seizures nearly stopped.

Figi quickly turned to social media to spread her powerful and positive story. The Colorado mom became an advocate for not only her child, but children throughout the country. Her do anything for my child, soccer mom attitude attracted marijuana advocates as well as other marijuana moms. At the invitation and request of many mothers and families, Stanley and Figi travel around the country telling their story to those who have the power to help. Lawmakers openly admit the testimony of a mother is much more powerful than that of a piece of paper or even an adult.

The cannabis oil is said to help quiet the chemical and electrical activity in the brain. This breakthrough can significantly change the lives of people who suffer with severe seizures. Even if the oil does not eliminate the seizures all together, certainly a decrease in the amount and frequency of them is a great stride. The oil is also said to help patients with acidic systems as the oil acts as a neutralizer.  The new marijuana mom movement goes beyond state boarders and diagnosis. Mothers groups have traditionally been a force when it comes to advocacy and this controversial subject is no different. Despite the controversial subject, mothers feel no less convicted then if the issue were mainstream. There is no question woman form powerful alliances when it comes to their children, so whether a soccer mom or a marijuana mom advocate, advocate, advocate.

By Shannon Malone

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