Massachusetts Wants to Ban Make Up Sex

MassachusettsJust when it seems that the American public has heard it all when it comes to government interference into the private lives of citizens, Massachusetts comes along wanting to ban make-up sex. Unfortunately, this is not a joke, although no one would blame a person for getting a fit of the giggles after reading something as outlandish and just plain ridiculous as this proposed legislation. Why is the government, state or federal, so interested in the bedroom activities of its constituents?

According to the bill, which was introduced to the Massachusetts state legislature last year, but was granted an extension for further discussion last week, divorcing couples would need to seek the approval of a judge to engage in sexual activity until the divorce is finalized. The reasoning behind this atrocious invasion of privacy is that divorcing couples engaging in sex would confuse children in the home, adding to their emotional suffering. In reality, this seems like another silly attempt by politicians to control the behavior of consenting adults and expand government further into a person’s private life.

What is even more disturbing about this proposed ban on make-up sex in Massachusetts is its origin. While it was said that this legislation was designed to protect children, Sen.Richard Ross, a Republican in the state senate, stated that the only reason he proposed the bill was at the request of an angry constituent who is being described as “vengeful.” Ross has also gone on to say that this legislation does not have his endorsement, but that he believes in truly representing the people, so when a constituent asked him to submit the petition, he complied.

In reality, there is a very slim chance this bill will make it through the legislature. It is just too much of an intrusion into the private lives of consenting adults, and along with that, it would be very difficult to enforce. Currently, there are no standards for a judge to use as a criteria for when to grant permission to a divorcing couple asking to engage in sex, so the decision would be based on the subjective opinion of the judge. Passing this into law would also cause a number of problems with custody battles and other legal disputes that are already a tangled affair when it comes to getting a divorce.

Any time the government attempts to be the third-party in a person’s bedroom activities, it is a violation of natural rights. What an individual and their partner decide to do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their business, not that of the government. Everyone has the right, by simply being a human being, to live their life as they choose, which includes who they have sex with, when they engage in that activity, and who is allowed to know about it. This goes hand-in-hand with a person’s natural right to privacy. As silly as this law may seem, if citizens are not aware of the attempts the government, both state and federal, make at grabbing power, then it becomes easier for politicians to strip away liberty. Fortunately, the people of Massachusetts probably have little to worry about, as this ban on make-up sex is so ridiculous and unpopular, it is likely to see a paper shredder instead of being signed into law.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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