McFly’s Tom Fletcher Creates Video of Wife’s Pregnancy [VIDEO]

McFlyMcFly singer Tom Fletcher used his artistic talents to document is wife’s pregnancy by creating a video. Throughout the nine months, he took a variety of photos to show Givoanna’s bumps getting bigger, and has finally put it all together in a very simple video for the band’s fans. It’s also a beautiful way to document the pregnancy and welcome his first baby into the world.

The video has been called From Bump to Buzz, named for their new son Buzz Michelangelo, and fans have already labelled it as “cute.” The YouTube clip has already been watched over 300,000 times and was only uploaded on March 20.

The four-piece singer is already known for uploading family and band’s touring videos to share with his fans. He also regularly shares cover songs and his own creative pieces. Many people commented on the most recent video about it being like the “wedding speech video.” That video was his own wedding speech where he decided to change the lyrics to his band’s song Obviously to suit his needs. It covered his love for his wife and the thanking all the guests and the special members who helped make it all possible.

The most recent video has a song that the singer-songwriter wrote himself just for the event. Something New covers the everyday experiences and how he was looking forward to the new changes coming in his life. McFly’s Fletcher ended it with how he hopes he is ready for something new, and created the video as a way to document the whole of his wife’s pregnancy.

The baby boy was born on March 13, but it took a while for a name to be announced. Fans were desperate to hear the decision, and the singer used his Twitter account to share the update the next day. While some fans questioned the name choice, others enjoyed trying to guess where the idea came from.

The middle name is an obvious one. Michelangelo was the name of the famous man who painted the Sistine Chapel, and has likely been chosen because of Fletcher’s wife’s Italian roots. The first name could have come from a number of famous Buzzes. One of the most famous at the moment is the fictional character, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and McFly fans had fun using the popular line “to infinity and beyond” in their congratulatory tweets.

Fans have waited patiently to finally see Buzz’s face. The only photo that was shared on Fletcher’s Twitter feed was one of the baby boy holding his dad’s thumb. At the end of the new YouTube video Giovanna leaves and then returns holding the baby boy to show him off to the world.

Like any video, there have been dislikes on the page, but the majority of people have liked it and sent warm messages of congratulations through the comments. This is a major life changing event for the married couple, but they seem to be enjoying every minute of it. Creating the video is a great way for McFly’s Fletcher to document his wife’s pregnancy, and will definitely be something to show his son when Buzz grows up.

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