Michelle Obama Encourages Home Cooked Meals

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Michelle Obama is encouraging everyone to gather around the dinner table for a home cooked meal at least two times a week. The first lady wants to focus on getting families to cook more of their meals at home because it is healthier as well as cheaper than eating at a restaurant or purchasing take-out food.

At a health summit in Washington D.C., Mrs. Obama emphasized not only the health benefits of cooking at home, but the cost effectiveness of buying food at the grocery store and preparing them at home. Most people are likely to use less sodium and fat and in return are more likely to consume less cholesterol and calories.

Cooking a healthy meal can take as little as 30 minutes to prepare. Picking something out at a fast food restaurant, paying for it and driving home could take just as long. It is also a good way to teach children the basics in cooking and spend time as a family.

Statistics has shown progress in the fight against obesity among the two to five-year-old age group, but for Michelle Obama that is not enough. The first lady is ready to work even harder. Her focus has been to work with people in the food industry to make healthier products for consumers. Schools will be changing their breakfast and lunch programs due to federal legislation and regulation changes. All the ‘Nutrition Facts’ on packaged products will be updated by the year 2020. Encouraging home cooked meals is an obvious step in the right direction for Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama has dedicated her time to the childhood obesity problem since stepping into the White House in 2009. She has educated millions of people on the effects of obesity and has implemented many programs to help reduce this problem in our country. The first lady has no plans of stopping after she leaves the White House, either. Mrs. Obama stated “she finishes what she starts.”

The first lady plans on collaborating with supermarkets by offering cooking demonstrations in schools and hand out healthy recipe ideas. Michelle Obama would like to create a “home economics class of the future” so students can learn the basics in cooking. Also team up with chefs and restaurants who will offer cooking classes at affordable rates.

Mrs. Obama is the honorary chairman of Partnership for a Healthier America, a nonprofit organization created in conjunction with her childhood obesity program Let’s Move. Partnership for a Healthier America works with the companies who are signed on to support  the Let’s Move initiative. The CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America confirmed that 70 companies have made commitments to help change childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama wants to encourage people to forego the “quick fix” with take out and sit down to home cooked meals with the family. She shared with the audience that her mother would plan their meals for the week and grocery shop every Saturday, and she wants to see that happen in every household. Mrs. Obama claimed that statistically home cooked meals are significantly healthier than meals bought outside of the home.

By Christina Thompson


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