Mick Jagger Fights Family After Loss of L’Wren

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger has now been dealt yet another blow this week in the aftermath of long-time girlfriend, L’Wren Scott’s tragic death. Scott was found at home Monday, having committed suicide by hanging with the help of a scarf. The devastating news was followed by a subsequent battle of the wills over where Scott’s body is to be buried. A native of Utah, L’Wren’s family has expressed  plans to have the body brought back home. The family wants L’Wren buried in the home town of North Ogden.

Mick Jagger,  in devastation by the untimely loss, went to accompany the rest of the Jagger family in Los Angeles. A funeral was held  and it is rumored that there has been a family uproar afoot. L’Wren’s sister, Jan, was not allowed to attend the funeral. Jagger reportedly enforced this due to the fact that prior to Scott’s death, the sisters were at odds with one another for at least six years. Jagger has been engrossed in an apparent back and forth of sorts as to where  late fashion icon will actually end up being buried. In any case, it has been an incredible loss for both families.

The events surrounding the shocking death raised many questions as to why a woman of  great success would ultimately choose suicide, leaving Jagger and the family behind. L’Wren’s brother, Randall Bambrough shed light on the circumstance by explaining that the two had been using Russell Bambrough’s expertise as a financial consultant to aid in L’Wren’s ailing financial status. In addition to this, the stress was becoming more than L’Wren could possibly bear alone.

Rather than confide in  Jagger about  the rising concerns, L’Wren tried to shoulder the load alone. Turning to friends for help, L’Wren had reportedly owed large amounts of money and  was struggling to figure out how to return it all. When it all became too much, Scott took the route of suicide.  Prior to the decision to end it all, L’Wren confided to friend, Cathy Horyn of intentions to announce the closure of the business in the very near future.

Brother Randall Bambrough is now aiding Jagger in desperate attempts to bury  L’Wren in a closer location. However, Jan Bambrough, also grieving deeply L’Wren Scott’s loss, begged the two to consider the fact that the family burial plot is in Utah. In fact, the plot Jan continually refers to is where the parents, Lula and Ivan are currently buried. According to Jan, the family had wished to be buried together all along. However, Randall Bambrough plans to ensure that L’Wren’s body is placed on a flight to Los Angeles.

In the wake of the events surrounding L’Wren Scott’s suicide and Mick Jagger’s desperate struggle to maintain final wishes for L’Wren, are seemingly underway. For now, the unfortunate rift remains between the remaining Bambrough family and Jagger while doing whatever possible to pick up the pieces without the presence of L’Wren. The loss of Scott is felt by many, and will be for some time to come.

By J. A. Johnson


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