Mick Jagger Girlfriend Feared Relationship Would Come to an End

JaggerL’wren Scott, Mick Jagger’s longtime girlfriend, committed suicide on Monday morning. As days have gone by, relatives, friends and the press have been speculating as to why the former model and fashion designer ended her life, but an insider, close to Scott, told Fox News that she feared the relationship with Jagger would soon come to an end.

According to the source, Scott, who loved Jagger deeply, made many sacrifices in life for the love of her life. “L’wren had a strong desire for kids and she had hopes of building a family with Mick in her younger years. Unfortunately, he had gone through multiple marriages already with children of his own and he did not want to go through that again,” the source says. Although Scott loved Jagger’s children and grandchildren very much, spending time with them was also painful for her, realizing that a family of her own was out of reach.

Scott was to turn 50 years old in April. The source says, “Jagger would always tell his girlfriend he would never be with a woman over 50. I guess he was joking, but it seems that L’wren took this very seriously, fearing their relationship would soon come to an end.”

Although the insider claims Scott feared for her relationship, other sources have revealed that her fashion company, LS Fashion LTD, was in debt. Scott’s show at the London Fashion Week was canceled in January, after which the fashion designer filed documents, declaring they were in a debt of $6 million. Additionally, she reportedly owed creditors another $7 million and felt too embarrassed to ask Jagger to help prevent her fashion empire from crashing.

Jagger had previously bailed out Scott’s fashion empire, but Scott was tired of being defined as his girlfriend and desperately wanted to succeed on her own. She previously said, “I am a fashion designer and I do not want to be defined as someone’s girlfriend. I always wonder if people notice the hard work that goes into what I do. It is my own company and my own investment. It is my life.”

According to a close source, Scott did everything she could to hide the tragic situation, but those who knew always wondered why she did not ask Jagger for help, who is worth $300 million. “Her fabric suppliers and tailors were about to end the working relationships with Scott, as the bills were not being paid.”

Jagger, who was in Australia at the time of Scott’s death, flew to Los Angeles to be with his children, before flying to New York City to bury his beloved girlfriend. The Rolling Stones tour through Australia and New Zealand has been postponed.

Scott’s brother-in-law says that her death is especially painful, considering that Jagger had recently decided to give up his hotel lifestyle to be with his girlfriend and to settle down. The couple had reportedly purchased a new home in New York City, worth $10 million. Unfortunately, this did not keep Scott from fearing her relationship would possibly come to an end.

By Diana Herst

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