Microsoft Offers $100 to Ditch XP


Microsoft has decided to retire the Windows XP operating system after 13 years. Support for XP is going to end on April 8. While 13 years appears to be a long time for an operating system to stick around, many people, both private consumers and businesses, still rely on the system. Windows XP was, and apparently remains, a popular operating system due to its user friendly structure and inherent stability. Microsoft feels strongly, to the tune of a $100 offer, that consumers should ditch XP and upgrade to the most recent operating system.

Whether the decision to end support for XP is revenue based or otherwise, Microsoft has announced the end, and the end is near. After April 8, just a mere 17 days away, Windows XP will no longer receive security updates. This means that the millions of computers worldwide that are still running XP will no longer be protected and will become more and more vulnerable. In a bid to get consumers to purchase a new computer, Microsoft is offering a rebate of up to $100.

In order to benefit from this deal, a consumer must follow certain guidelines. The new computer must either be a Surface Pro 2 or have a retail value of more than $599 and it must be purchased from the Microsoft store. The Surface 2 and some PCs are excluded from this deal. Although Microsoft support for XP will end on April 8, users will continue to have access to this $100 offer to ditch their current computer until June 15.

In addition to the rebate, buyers upgrading their outdated XP system are being enticed with other perks as well. Microsoft is offering free support for 90 days. This support will include free premium sales, chat, and phone support for practically anything needed for the new computer. Additionally, a partnership with Laplink has been established to grant free data transfer. Laplink is a data migration service that assists with moving files, music, videos, photos, and data from one computer to another.

In order to take advantage of these deals, several purchasing methods may apply. If the purchase is made online through the Microsoft store, the store will automatically recognize that the operating system being used is XP and the discount will apply. If a consumer wishes to purchase the new computer from a physical Microsoft Store, they will only provide the savings upon seeing an actual, physical computer currently running Windows XP. Although upon initial consideration that seems reasonable, consumers may be a tad irritated at not only having to give up their operating system of choice, but having to physically lug their computer into the store in order to take advantage of any savings for their upgrade.

The offer of three months of premium support is not only part of this upgrade incentive, but is apparently something offered on most Microsoft Store purchases on a regular basis. Also, resources indicate that the free data transfer being offered as an incentive is also available to all consumers since Microsoft has an existing partnership with the data migration service, Laplink.

Last week Microsoft’s incentive to upgrade from XP was the offer of a $50 gift card. This week Microsoft has raised their offer for consumers to ditch their XP operating system to a $100 savings. The April 8 deadline for the end of Microsoft’s XP support looms ever closer and computers running the 13 year old system will no longer receive security updates once the deadline passes.

By Dee Mueller

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