Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Bus Destroyed by Fire

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour bus caught fire and was destroyed, leaving her mother Tish, and her 15-year-old sister, Noah, to run for their lives.  According to sources there was a tire blowout which caused the inferno.

Before the blowout, Cyrus and her entourage were traveling to New Orleans for the next leg of her 38-date controversial tour. After the blowout, the bus burst into flames, and spread so quickly that the riders had no time to even put on their shoes. The bus was completely unusable, and is considered a total loss.

When the family arrived in New Orleans, the first order of business was to purchase some shoes and personal items for Tish and Noah. All their items went up in flames. They literally ran from the bus with no shoes. Noah had tweeted later that they were all fine and no one was harmed from the fire or the escape, except a stuffed bunny rabbit they had bought earlier in the day. Cyrus thanked God for keeping them all safe.

Miley Cyrus started making news when she performed a very erotic performance at the VMA’s with Robin Thicke, which had her rubbing all over him. The Bangerz tour is the fourth for Cyrus. It has been controversial with its very adult themes. Shows have included rolling joints, simulated oral sex, raunchy costumes, and more.

Her music videos have shown her touching her private parts and riding naked on a Wrecking Ball. The new act has lost her favor with many parents who want the Disney Cyrus, not the adult one putting her sexual nature at the front.

Critics have few problems with her music, particularly her vocals, but they seem to be against her provocative act. Women have declared it anti-feminist, while she believes the opposite is true. Some celebrities, such as Sinead O’Conner and Cher have spoken out against her publically, but backed away from their criticism. Cher spoke when she was launching a new album, which sold 65,000 copies the first week, putting her at number 3, and then fell off the Nielsen cliff, and currently sits at number 80 on the Billboard Chart.

The interesting thing about the fire destroying the Bangerz tour bus, and more importantly, the new Miley Cyrus, is that many look at her as a criminal in training, and some even wish her harm due to her new act. Commenters on TMZ posted offensive statements by referring to her privates as diseased, wishing she had been on the missing Malaysia Airline flight, that the fire was retribution from God and suggesting she was on crack.

The fact is she was not even on the bus, her little sister and mother were.  By being very sexual in her shows some are inclined to believe that by doing so, it must mean that she is heading the way of the criminal. The real issue is that this is a young woman. No one had a problem when Justin Bieber was walking around with his shirt off all the time, and he has been charged with multiple crimes. A tire blowing out and a fire destroying Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour bus is not indicative of her deserving it. Being provocative and an empowered sexual performer is not a crime, and a burned out bus is not divine punishment, but a bad tire. Is Miley Cyrus the victim of the double standard women are held to, which famous young men are not? Or, is it that some have a problem with her growing up?

Opinion  by Delores Williams



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