Miley Cyrus College Course Available This Summer

Miley CyrusFor those who live and breathe Miley Cyrus, there will be a college course available within the subject from this summer. The New York college, Skidmore, has decided it is time to offer a course covering the sociology of the former Disney star.

It may have sounded like a good idea at the time. After all, plenty of fans will want to study the 21-year-old, and she is influential which some social scientists will want to look into. However, a full course on the star seems to be a way to waste money and then regret it later in life.

The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media will cover all aspects of the controversial celebrity. According to the college, it will look at her identity within the media and pop culture in general. It is going to look into how she has influenced others.

And the course will not just focus on the singer, but other former Disney stars. It is a look into the way that they all progress from being the person that youngsters admire to the people parents love to hate. Of course, not all former Disney stars are bad, and Justin Timberlake is covered within that part of the class.

The Cyrus college course will be available this summer, but there are currently no details on how long it lasts for. The latest announcement simply gives the details of the first session. The course will be taught by visiting professor, Carolyn Chernoff, who is just visiting the college campus, so it is unlikely that it will continue for too long or will be available for next year’s summer program.

According to Chernoff, the study of culture and influences, along with gender, class and race, are major interests for the lecturer. She also enjoys studying the media and film, which links in with this questionable course about Cyrus.

A number of students started tweeting the flyers that they spotted around the campus. The majority of those tweets have since been deleted, but copies were saved before that happened. The tweets showed a mixture of excitement and apprehension over the title and details of the course. There was nothing to show the cost of the course, which is likely to be in the thousands like all other college courses.

Among the details of the course is a look into Disney princesses, and how they influence society. There are other parts of the subject that are not completely Cyrus-centric, which begs the question over whether the naming was just a way to get more people interested and talking about it. The Hannah Montana star has never played a Disney princess.

While it looks like a course that will be a waste of money at the first glance, it also seems like a title just to get people talking. Some of the details go beyond the actress and singer. There will be some fans who take up the offer to study Cyrus in more detail through the college course that will be available this summer.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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