Nancy Pelosi and Her Many Delusions

pelosiEveryone is guilty of having delusions of grandeur from time to time, but Nancy Pelosi seems to have many on a regular basis. House Minority Leader Pelosi has made some comments recently that seem to indicate she is living on the fringe of reality, as if she has fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole and is enthusiastically skipping through the forests of Wonderland. The reason for the harsh commentary and sarcastic banter stems from the fact that Pelosi believes that Obamacare, is a real “winner” for the American people.

Pelosi goes on to state that Obamacare is not at all about politics, it is about providing Americans with affordable health care and economic security. Tell that to all of the individuals who were told they could keep their current plan, but lost their coverage. It is estimated that about 6.2 million people lost their health insurance as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Horror story after horror story has come through the media, highlighting the devastating effects of this legislation.

All across the country people are speaking out about massive increases to their premiums, some of which have risen over 50 percent. Another example that showcases the ineptitude of government to run health care is the story that came out recently involving a Las Vegas man who now owes over $400,000 in medical bills thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Nancy Pelosi has many delusions, unfortunately her take on the success of Obamacare is only one of them.

Another one of Pelosi’s other-wordly comments, once again putting on display her lack of connection with reality, is her statement that President Obama is the most nonpartisan president she has ever served with. First, there has not really been any president in recent history that one could label truly “nonpartisan.” All people in politics have a particular worldview and policy position, and when legislation is crafted, most do not want to budge or compromise on even the slightest details of the bill. Often times, both sides are guilty of demonizing the other. This goes for Democrats and Republicans. Secondly, President Obama has made many comments which indicate clear partisanship. For example, Obama has stated in the past that Republicans do not seem to be focused on how to build the middle class, that they are willing to destroy everything for their ideology. He also accused Republicans of being willing to tank the economy in order to get their way on a specific issue. This does not seem like much in the way of extending olive branches and building unity between parties.

The sad fact of the situation is that Pelosi seems to genuinely believe what she is saying. Everyone remembers the footage of the former speaker carrying the gavel, grinning ear-to-ear with satisfaction at having rammed Obamacare down the throat of the American people, despite a lack of support from a large portion of the citizenry. Pelosi is not a Progressive that only seeks to further her own political career, although that certainly is part of her ambitions. No, she seems to be genuine in thinking that this administration and its failing policies are some how good for the country. One can only hope that Nancy Pelosi will soon wake from her many delusions and realize the part she has played in fundamentally transforming America.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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