NCAA 2014 Guardian Liberty Voice March Madness Challenge Sweet 16



Sweet 16 time is the best time of the year for NCAA fans.  Every game is so important, and exciting.  Our writers will be watching closely to see if they in fact, hit the nail on the head with their brackets.  Anyone can win!  Pick your horse and follow them on twitter! (#MarchmadnessGLVChallenge)

Niles Olson – Staff Basketball Writer  @NilesOlson    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessWe miss Niles here at the GLV.  At least he’s not around to brag.




Mick Varner – Staff Basketball Writer  @mickvarner    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessMick is too ashamed to show his face right now.  I can’t say I blame him.



Jonathan Gardner – Junior Sports Editor @homeiceadvtge    Bracket

NCAA 2014 Guardian Liberty Voice March Madness Challenge

This is still going on? I would guess that my bracket is not doing well, but for all I know, I’m well on my way to a billion dollars and wouldn’t be aware of it. I spent the quarter I used to decide all these games. Probably some bad mojo there. Anyway, go Syracuse! …They’re still in it, right?



Glen Parris – Staff Basketball Writer  @DoctorGlenbo    Bracket   

NCAA March Madness

What an unpredictable and exciting NCAA Tournament it has been so far. I have been able to pick a few upsets in this year’s tournament, even though my bracket has been far from perfect. One happened today in which Kentucky defeated Wichita State, an outcome that I predicted early on. Baylor, Tennessee, and Stanford have impressed and proven me wrong by being surprising and talented underdogs.


Robert Pannier – Senior Baseball Writer and Basketball Analyst @RobertPannier    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

They say that pride cometh before the fall, and on the last day I had a lot of falling to do. One of my Final Four teams (Kansas) is out, as are Elite Eight selections Duke and North Carolina. That was costly. I have only 9 of the Sweet Sixteen teams left. Despite this, I have a lot of hope in Louisville and Wisconsin. Kentucky will feel the wrath of the Cardinals, and I expect the Badgers to continue their recent hot streak.


Jeremy Mika – Staff Basketball Writer @jeremy_mika    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

Well, that about does it. My bracket went from a bloodbath to a dumpster fire! Wichita State, my pick to win it all, fell just as all the prognosticators said they would to the more apt to the spotlight, but much younger Kentucky Wildcats. If not for the trusty, rusty Big-10, my Final Four bracket would be all but eliminated. Thankfully Michigan State and Wisconsin keep taking care of business. My one pick that can possibly make me look like a genius in the midst of this mess is Baylor. The Bears whooped up on Creighton and national player of the year Doug McDermott to advance to the round of 16. Other than that, though, this tournament has proven once again that any team can win at any time!


Schelett Rickenbacker- Staff Basketball Writer  @SDotPress14    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

At the end of Sunday’s Tournament University of Kentucky did what 35 other teams could not. They beat Wichita State 78 – 76 in a neck and neck battle. It came down to a one-possession game with just second’s left on the clock.  Greg Marshall drew up a play to get it to Fred VanVleet, and he took that last shot. As the ball floated ever so slowly in the air so did the Shockers fait. The ball rimmed out to the right and that was the end of Wichita’s season. This was no doubt a classic game for the ages. Although, this is a tough loss for the Shockers there coach reminded them to be proud, because they made history. Cleanthony Early played the game of his life with 31 points and 7 rebounds. He defiantly kept them around with some help from Ron Baker with 20 points. Yet, there one two punch was not as strong as the Harris twins. They combined for 39 points total. These two penetrated the paint and contributed to some key plays down the stretch. Even with there stellar performance the real champion of the night was James Young. He only scored 13 points, and added 8 rebounds. Those numbers may not appear all that impressive, but mad them when it counted. Some times it is not how much you score, but when you score. Young put up that key shot at the end of the half to seal the deal. If Kentucky can find it in them to play with this same intelligence and intensity again they might shock the world.

Chuck Podhaisky – Senior Golf Writer and Basketball Analyst  @Chuck_pod    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

It gets easy at this point of the NCAA Tournament brackets.  I mean it’s easy to explain how my bracket is going, because it’s going nowhere.  I correctly picked six of the Sweet 16 teams.  Of those six, I was lucky enough to have picked four of them to win their next game and move on to the Elite Eight.

The bad news is that three of my Final Four are now home for the summer.  There is one thing on which I can hang my hat at this point.  My predicted champion, the Virginia Cavaliers, is my one Final Four team remaining.

Brian Moore- Staff Basketball Writer  @hey_brian    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

What is a bracket, anyway? Just paper and words, arbitrarily selected and thrown against the cubicle wall in the hopes of winning a part of Warren Buffet’s fortune. It is pointless battles between grown children with no discernible effect on our lives. It is a Nietzsche-ian juxtaposition of the Apollo of Duke and the Dionysus of VCU. All of this in the name of a concept built around reducing the real value of humans to tiny boxes to be weighed against other tiny boxes.


So to answer your question…No, my bracket is not doing well. Not well at all.

Jim Malone – Senior Sports Editor  @GLVGeeks    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

Theleader of the pack is confident right now, but one MSU loss and he’s toast.



Chris Chisam – Assistant Sports Editor  @ChisamGLV    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessWell, my bracket might have been shot, but up until Sunday at least I had my beloved Shockers.  Then the NCAA gods felt it necessary to slap me down again.  I will be watching the Sweet 16 in bitter silence.



Sweet 16 or no, at least most of u have champions in play.  Come back and see who gets it right, and wins the bragging rights for the whole year.

Commentary by Chris chisam