New York Jets Hope New QB Can Bring Desean Jackson

New York Jets

The New York Jets are attempting to buck their current trend of lackluster quarterbacks paired with lackluster wide receivers. After signing wide receiver Eric Decker, the New York Jets recently signed quarterback Michael Vick to a one-year $5 million dollar deal. However, fans in New York are hoping the signing can bring more than just quarterback controversy to training camp, but even perhaps that their new can bring in friend and former teammate Desean Jackson.

As Vick reunites with former coach and Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, the Jets QB situation definitely gets murkier from here until the start of the season, but bringing in Vick brings a lot of potential to this New York Jets team. With Vick staring down the starting role, Geno Smith will not have the luxury of knowing that he will always be the everyday starter and will have to bring his A-game every game this season. Along with Vick being able to take Geno Smith under his tutelage and push the second year starter to new heights, his locker room presence is something Mornhinweg believes will help the team out even more.

The signing of Vick definitely creates a new hope for Jets fans of having a legitimate quarterback this time around, but even with the signing of Eric Decker, the wide receiver void has not been completely filled. Eric Decker does help the wide receiver situation, but without a legitimate slot or number two receiver, the Jets go back to being a semi-weak offensive threat… and that is where Vick comes in. With the signing of Vick, the quarterback controversy is sure to ensue, but now New York Jets fans are thinking bigger than their new QB and are hoping he can be the answer to their wide receiver prayers. Receiver Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles has currently expressed interest in joining three teams: the Panthers, the Raiders, and the New York Jets.

In last year’s draft, as the Jets were readying themselves to take the speedy former West Virginia wide out Tavon Austin, the St. Louis Rams were able to cut a deal and nab him just before the Jets could. Some wonder if Desean Jackson could fill the void left by missing the chance at getting Austin last year. Jackson is essentially a veteran version of the speedy Austin. Jackson is fast, versatile and can bring a legitimate shot of adrenaline to a Jets offense that has struggled time and time again. The Jets have the cap room, the picks, and enough need at the receiver spot to make a deal for the wide receiver.

Bringing in Michael Vick and Eric Decker surely brings excitement, controversy, and a much improved offense to the New York Jets, but the job is not done yet. The New York Jets with quarterbacks Michael Vick and Geno Smith, running backs Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory and the potential wide receiver duo of Eric Decker and Desean Jackson have the potential of having something new that Jets fans have not seen in many years… a legitimate top-tier offense. Pair that with the always consistent strong defense the team possesses and the New York Jets are potential AFC favorites. However, fail to get Jackson, and all of this speculation and hope will most likely be all for not.

Commentary by Ryne Vyles

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