Nicholas Prugo of The Bling Ring Arrested Again

nicholas prugoNicholas Prugo, 23, the inspiration for Sofia Coppola’s 2013 film The Bling Ring, is reported to have been arrested on Friday by police. The details of his arrest were not made immediately available to the public. Hollywood skincare specialist Dawn DaLuise, arrested earlier this month for her role in an alleged setup of a West Hollywood rival competitor, revealed Prugo’s violation of parole as she was being interrogated by police. Gabriel Suarez, owner of Sweet Cheeks, was to be DaLuise’s supposed murder-for-hire victim.

It was reported police had previous suspicions of DaLuise, 59, to investigate her as she was conducting attempts to recruit a former Detroit Lions player for her alleged plot. Previous skincare clients of hers consist of Jennifer Aniston, Nicki Minaj, Sarah Michelle Geller, Alyson Hannigan and Kyra Sedgwick.

In addition to those interconnected, another man, Edward Feinstein, was implicated as a suspect in DaLuise’s scheme. Feinstein is connected to Prugo, reportedly via at least one online publication, through a shared friendship. It is not confirmed that Prugo and Feinstein are roommates, as has been claimed. Though, what is clear and certain is the multiple acts of misconduct by these three who are currently finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Back in 2008, a string of burglaries occurred throughout sunny California’s Hollywood. Eventually, Mr. Prugo was arrested as the mastermind behind the robberies, which netted nearly $3 million in cash, art, jewelry and clothes for him and his little crew. It was reported that most of that booty had come from Paris Hilton. Included in the list of others who were robbed were none other than Lindsay Lohan, reality starAudrina Patridge, Orlando Bloom and Megan Fox were each illegally ransacked. Megan Fox’s boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, was also robbed.

For these crimes, the former leader of the Bling Ring ended up pleading no contest. Prugo’s attorney, Markus Mueller-Dombois, commended his client for his good judgement in the reaching of his plea deal. For his time already spent in jail, and for his cooperation in ratting out his mules, Prugo spent another year in prison before being released one year ahead of what had been decreed as his sentence. It took less than a year for him to violate his parole, of which he was only ensconced because of his good credit and behavior.

As the rest of this puzzle of a story unfolds, Prugo is being held by police. Although it is not confirmed by anyone, it was reported that his current arrest came about because of his possession of a firearm. Again, this has not been confirmed. What was reported by Prugo, though, in relation to the historical accuracy of The Bling Ring, was the absence of what eventually drove him to continue stealing from celebs. That is, his cocaine habit was not shown in the film. Besides a scene in which he is wearing a pair of Hilton’s pink heels, everything else, he claims, is accurate.

Rounding out the bizarre behavior of this Hollywood chicanery are those somehow connected to Nicholas Prugo. His supposed friend, Edward Feinstein, who has a criminal background of credit card fraud, ID theft and grand theft, was also taken into custody by police earlier this month for allegedly cyber stalking DaLuise. This is indeed bizarre, because it is reported that she was in communication with Feinstein about creating a fake Craigslist profile to impersonate Mr. Suarez and to solicit men. Feinstein then allegedly crafted and publicly distributed sexually explicit flyers on which were placed DeLuise’s face, home address and phone number. She assumed, it is claimed, that these flyers were created by Suarez, using that scandal as motivation for her alleged murder-for-hire scheme.

Not much adds up, except for what has already transpired. Feinstein was released from jail after paying the bail of $150,00. Last week, DaLuise was charged for solicitation to commit murder, and she is currently behind held on a bail of $1 million. Nicholas Prugo remains, once again, in L.A. police custody. His new attorney is yet to be identified.

Satire by Bryan William Myers


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