No Zombies in Brad Pitt’s ‘Resurrection’


Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment produced the newest TV show that aired last night on ABC, Resurrection, but contrary to some expectations, Omar Epps, known for his role in House, assured the public that the there will be no zombies in the mystery thriller. Although it was said that the show is a reiteration of Sundance’s Channel French show The Returned, Resurrection is based on a book called The Returned, which tackles the ordeal a town goes through when a eight-year-old boy returns home 32 years after his death. The show’s fundamental question is whether the people involved want to believe the phenomenon or not.

Omar Epps, one of the characters, told Vibe that although the dead are inexplicably reanimated in the new show which aired Sunday, it has nothing to do with The Walking Dead. On the contrary, Brad Pitt’s Resurrection tells a universal story and even if the supernatural plays a role in the mystery thriller, among other topics, there are no zombies in it. Epps also emphasized the fact that life and death stand for a theme stronger than “any ethnicity or religion” which puts to the test the people of Arcadia, Missouri.

Resurrection, a new TV show produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment,  aired its first episode last night, but although fans might have expected some Walking Dead influences, there are no zombies in this thriller. A little boy wakes up in a rice paddy in China and agent Martin Bellamy, played by Omar Epps, is alerted at the airport that the child, who cannot be identified, showed up there and the only information there is comes from his sweatshirt, which features some clues regarding the child’s identity and origin.

Resurrection is about the people of Arcadia and their manner of grasping how a boy can return home after 32 years, especially if he was found dead when he was eight years old. Jacob, the child who returns from the dead, embarks on a mission to convince the town that, irrespective of the means, he is back among the living and offers precious details with regard to his and his aunt Barbara’s death.

A DNA test reveals that Jacob is, indeed the deceased son of the Langstons, but the people from the town must decide whether they want to believe that resurrection is possible. The plot deepens as the eight-year-old boy offers information regarding the supposed drowning case that closed 32 years ago, in which both Jacob and his aunt Barbara lost their lives. Apart from its suspense and thrills, the show marks the attempt to discover if and how coming back from the dead is possible without any repercussions of the 32 years that have passed since the boy died.

A pastor, a sheriff and a doctor inject a sense of reality into Resurrection and try to find answers to the occurrence which rocked their world. The mystery thriller promises to pump intense action and suspense with every scene and to distance itself from other famous shows like The Returned or The Walking Dead. As Omar Epps stressed in an interview with Vibe, there are no zombies in Resurrection, the show produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment.

By Gabriela Motroc


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