Microsoft Office 365 Personal 6 Selling Points

Office 365 Personal  5 Things You ShouldOffice 365 Personal, a version of the cloud-based subscription service, will begin to be sold in the spring, acting in accordance with Microsoft. Since July of 2013, 3.5 million subscribers have been a part of this service. There are six things that people should know about this new version of Office 365.

1. Consumers can pay as little as $70 as per year for Office 365 Personal. This new version should allow people to use office applications on a Mac or a PC and a tablet. A person could subscribe to the service for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. This service should entitle the purchaser to use Office on many non-Windows smart phones. Microsoft promises that it will be more precise about this service soon. This latest version will still include one hour of Skype, 20 GB of additional OneDrive storage and the latest versions of Office.

2. It may or may not be necessary to have just one Windows tablet. Microsoft still has not released local versions of Office for non-Wiindows platforms. This might change at any moment. Office 365 only works on Windows tablets by default. Microsoft likes to show that Wiindows tablets are different from iPad and Android systems. This company talks about Windows tablets in broad terms in its latest messages. Many people think that there will be versions of Office for iPad and Android tablets will come in the spring.

Reuters believes that Microsoft has already finished a version of Office for iPads and Android tablets. The new CEO of Microsoft is deciding when the fresh products should come out. There were rumors that this company was going to have the Office debut on iPad and Android systems in the summer. The executives at this company have said that the non-Windows slates are coming soon.

3. Microsoft already has a software package that is similar to Office 365 Personal. It is called Office 365 Home Premium. This package costs $9.00 for a month, $99.99 for a year. You can access this service on PC or Macs and up to 5 portable devices; When Office 365 Personal debuts, Office 365 Home Premium becomes Office 365 Home.

4. Office 365 Home is probably too much for most people. On purpose, Microsoft wants to upset customers by pricing Home and Personal so close together. Some people question the price of Personal since there is so much competition from free alternatives to Personal.

5. Office 365 Personal represents numerous changes for Microsoft. The biggest point of change is the case that a one-time source of money will be replaced by selling perpetual subscriptions. It can now sell new technologies quicker to consumers. Office 365 Personal will have new analytics and collaborative functions. New interactive models, such as touch and sound, might also become part of Personal.

6. Mac users need not worry about being left behind in terms of functionality with common Microsoft software options. According to reports, a new version of OneNote for Macs, which will be offered free is soon going to be available. In fact, the long-awaited release of a new version of Office for Macs will be rolling out later this year.

Without comprehensively examining the reasons that Microsoft 365 personal is emerging as a viable option for small businesses on a budged, these six reasons provide enough of a picture to make the most significant selling features for the product obvious.

By Thomas Clark


Information Week


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