Oscar Mayer Wakes up to Bacon

Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer has captured the feel of waking up to bacon on a lazy Sunday morning. French roast coffee, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and the intoxicating smell of bacon has woken up many a dreary eyed person.

Now waking up to the smell and sound of bacon can happen every day without the sue of a skillet.  Oscar Mayer bacon lover, Phil Roudenbusch created the Oscar Mayer Wake Up and Smell the Bacon alarm  clock app for iphones.

What else could be expected of a graduate of Advanced Baconing and the youngest recipient of of the Baconeer of The Year Award, which Roudenbusch has won seventeen times.

Bacon connoisseurs have been known to take their love of the savory meat behind the breakfast plate. Bacon business cards, the popular craze that was the bacon bra in 2012, bacon ice cream, and even bacon gumballs do exist.

What begun at Oscar Mayer Institute For The Advancement of  Bacon has done far more than anything a bacon bra can do or bacon ice cream could have done. It’s revolutionized breakfast meat and science.

What is it about this particular bacon infused product that has caused such a stir? The fact that the app offers not only the sound of bacon sizzling but a smell. A plug-in device that attaches to the phone provides users with the smell of a relaxed bacon filled morning. Anyone with this app does not have to wait until the end of a week to be woken up by bacon.

Oscar Mayer has made it easy to wake up to bacon, now that our phones can know replicate the smell of foods. Will taste come next?

In two minute video showcasing the new Oscar Mayer Wake Up and Smell The Bacon app a pretty brunette is shown having a Alice in Wonderland type of dream. Instead of roses painted red, the flowers are in the shape of bacon. Suddenly things seem to go sour when she ends up in a skillet decked out in a black evening gown, then somehow she’s in a red evening gown inside a bacon flower wrapped up and snug, but she doesn’t mind.

The genius behind the Oscar Mayer’s Wake Up and Smell The Bacon app videos works, the cinematography draws you into the world of bacon and makes you want to be one with bacon.

Can’t wait to get your mittens on Oscar Mayer’s new bacon app. You don’t have a choice. The only way to get this fun new product is to win it.  Oscar Mayer’s is only given away a small percentage of these apps.

Like with all great things, new cars, flats, paperwork is required, a form to be accepted as a Bacon Beta Tester, stands in the way of you and waking up to bacon.

What you’re in for as one of the chosen few who get accepted is the smell and sound of sizzling bacon in the palm of your hands.

Not to worry Oscar Mayer didn’t leave out people who don’t wish to apply to become bacon testers. An app for the sizzling bacon sounds can be downloaded.

Oscar Mayer waking up to bacon made easy. Phil Roudenbusch and Oscar Mayer has just introduced a whole new way to appreciate the actual taste of bacon.

By Jordan Walker



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