Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire: Crash Victims Attacked by Bees


It was one incident after the other as two women were attacked by a swarm of bees right after crashing into a tree. The crash occurred this Sunday in La Canada, Flintridge. Both the victims were taken to a nearby hospital with further news of their current condition unavailable.

It all started around 2:50 p.m. near Los Amigos Street when two cars collided with each other forcing one of them to crash right into a tree. One of the drivers was a 51 year old resident of La Canada while the other, also a resident of La Canada, was a 17 year old teen. Only minor damage was reported and both the drivers got out of the cars to follow standard procedure. Both exited their vehicles to exchange information as per the insurance requirements. The accident would have been considered ordinary; that is until a swarm of bees decided to interfere.

Crashing into the tree apparently agitated the hive of bees that attacked both the drivers just as they left their cars. This was confirmed by Captain Brian Kane of the Los Angeles County fire department. According to Capt. Kane the bee attack was indeed a form of reprisal or a form of self-defense.

This behavior is commonly associated with worker bees. Whenever they feel that their hive is under attack they quickly swarm against the intruder. For this very reason it is always a good idea to not come in close proximity to a bee hive. All bees respond and work directly under the queen. Since the hive is where the queen lives all the bees gather to defend it. That is why it is not just one or two bees that attack but the entire swarm that goes on the offensive.

The 51 year old woman ran to the back of a nearby house and jumped into the swimming pool. This helped her evade the bees and protected her from getting stung by them. She continued to wait in the pool until paramedics came to the rescue. The 17 year teen on the other hand was not quite as lucky. She fell to the ground right after being attacked by the bees and was soon surrounded by them.

The first police officer to arrive saw what was happening and quickly took charge. He sprayed the teen with a fire extinguisher which drove away the bees giving the teen an opportunity to run for safety.

Both the victims suffered hundreds of stings and were taken to a hospital to recover and to be treated. The officer who drove away the bees by spraying the fire extinguisher was also stung several times although was not hospitalized. To avoid any further injury or damage a pest control company was called for who carefully removed the bee hive from the tree.

What started as an ordinary car accident quickly turned into something dangerous and threatening. Had it been allowed to progress any further or not brought under control in time the situation could have also turned fatal. Getting attacked by bees right after being involved in an accident best fits the description of jumping from the frying pan right into the fire.

By Hammad Ali



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