Pamela Anderson Nude at 46

Pamela Anderson Nude

It can be difficult to pin down exactly what Pamela Anderson may best be remembered for. Could it be the buoyant image of her  striding headlong down the beach in a teeny, red and glossy, lifeguard appropriate one-piece, patrolling the sands of Los Angeles county? Perhaps it is for her unabashedly explicit lifestyle while coupled with rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock? Or maybe Pam is most acclaimed for being a better bombshell than the tragic Anna Nicole Smith? Whichever the case, the punchy, beloved paparazzi pin-up goddess is at it once more. At age 46, 25 years after her first pose in Playboy, Anderson has undressed for the public eye in a tasteful and seductive, nude photo shoot with Sante D’Orazio for French magazine, Purple.

Reportedly, Purple’s website crashed as soon as the photographs were uploaded. Anderson’s popular, sex kitten persona is a little shaken, “There’s a bubbling up of interest I didn’t expect,” she stated. Yet, Anderson is grateful for the attention. Perhaps in the last twenty years, she has grown a  bit more demure. Her cascading blonde locks that helped earn her a “bombshell” title have been lopped off into a pixie cut reminiscent of a 1960’s Mia Farrow. This stark alteration highlights Anderson’s piercing blue eyes and well-defined cheekbones, and is definitely more lady-like than her previous rocker-meets-sex-hair look.

Needless to say, as is revealed in the NSFW photographs, Anderson seems to have no inhibition undressing for the camera although in her mid-40s; all her parts appear to be exactly where they were 20 years ago. She is lithe and toned, and soft and alluring. Subtleties in lens filters of blue and gray caress Anderson’s otherwise edgy, bold appearance.

Intrusively, when questioned about Pamela Anderson’s return to nude photography, it seems hard for reporters not to travel back in time to the raunchy sex tape that was stolen from her and hubby Tommy Lee’s house back in 1995, which was eventually leaked on the Internet. Anderson treats the past as the past, undismayed by the continued interest. She poo-poos any real concern regarding the tape and her teenage sons, regarding that of course they’ve probably have seen it, because of the “stupid” Internet.

Stupid or not, Anderson’s continued celebrity objectification deserves to give a lot to the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of her, at times, scandalous status, which in turn has kept her sex kitten persona very relevant. It has been a while since she has done anything notable career-wise in Hollywood. But perhaps these nude photographs are part of a publicity trail to help promote Anderson’s new forty-something image. Regarding the shoot, the blond said, ‘I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and I like having the pictures taken. But seeing these was [sic] really something different… It’s like a launching pad for what I’ll do now.”

As fas as what is to come, Anderson is cast for a role in Wernor Herzog’s new film, Vernon Little God with Mike Tyson and Russell Brand, and she is also playing the part of a groupie in an upcoming Guy Christie movie, Jackhammer, about the hard-ships in the world of professional male stripping. She also appears in the April issue of Elle.

The Baywatch and Barbed Wire actress is said to be happier than ever. She has remarried former husband, Rick Salomon, and she is looking forward to the opportunities that have presented themselves. Regarding her shoot in Purple, Anderson said, “While looking at the pictures, I was thinking to myself, is that really me?” Whether the model, actress, and celebrity wife recognizes herself in the nude or not, Anderson sees her potential at a ripe, medium age of 46. Well done, C.J. It’s nice to have you back.

Opinion by Stacy Feder

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