Phil Jackson and The Knicks

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson is one of the most well decorated coaches to ever grace a sideline, perhaps that is why The Knicks want him back. Some may question the very word “back”, and wonder when did he ever coach in the city of lights. The answer is never. However, Jackson not only stared his career in NYC as there 2 round 17th pick, he also won two championships with The Knicks. Thus, the city of New York and their faithful fans believe it is time for him to come home. There has been a buzz surrounding the sports world ever since news hit. Jackson met with the GM Steve Mills and the Owner James Dolan. There are talks of him possibly stepping into the General Manager position with them. After all, Jackson has made it clear that a front office position is all he would be interested in.

When the world of sports hears the name Phil Jackson, they hear the jingling of rings, because Jackson does have 13 of them. He has been known to revitalize a team and whip them into champion shape. Jackson did this consistently with two of the best teams and players in the world of basketball. Growing up every kid wanted to be like Mike, but since that will never happen Jackson is the next best thing. He is the guy responsible for shaping and molding the mind of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Jackson is like the basketball Scorsese. Just like every actor and actress wants to work with Scorsese, every player wants to work with Jackson. He has such a high basketball IQ, practices unique efective philosophies, and pays great attention to detail.

Phil Jackson going to The Knicks is just the glue this ailing team would need to keep it together. Carmelo is coming to the end of his contract at the end of the season, so they need something to entice him to stay. With a 23 -40 record Melo does not have much inspiration. His team has been underperforming collectively all year. In fact, their 118- 106 victory to the Minnesota Timberwolves just broke their 7- game-losing streak. Plus, outside of this desperate attempt to get Jackson they have done no trades before the deadline. They are really just hinging on this Jackson deal to come through.

If the Phil Jackson deal does go through then The Kicks could be looking at a promising season next year. They would most defiantly be in the playoffs, and not going fishing. However, there is no guarantee they would win a ring that year, because Jackson is a coach not a magician. Realistically speaking, The Knicks would still have a lot of work to do.  Nevertheless, the possibilities are endless they could look at finally changing that 23- 40 to 43 – 20. Everything is possible with one of the best coaches in the world backing the franchise up.

Legacy is the only thing Jackson has to worry about at this point in his illustrious career. Although, sources say he’s not interested there will not be an official decision until next week. Jackson usually takes and few days to ponder the thought of stepping back into the game he loved as a player and coach. Some analyst and sports enthusiast say if the money is right then why not? There are a few “why not’s” to consider in this particular situation.

– What if James Dolan does to Phil Jackson what he did to Donnie Walsh? Jackson is not about to chance being offered full autonomy and have it revoked.

– Say he signs the deal and the franchise still loses Carmelo Anthony. Then he as to start his first year off juggling trades, salary caps, luxury tax, and re- structuring a whole roster.

– What is if he comes to The Knicks and they want him to coach and be the GM?

Those are some things to think heavily about when considering Jackson as their best candidate. Sure on paper he is the best guy for any NBA job except the player, but will it work? No one knows at this point, this is just an educated guessing game. The final word will come from the man himself.

However, Mike Woodson does not seem to be worried either way. Woodson had this to say before there bought against the Jazz; he is here coaching and Jackson is not. He continued with clarifying he has no real opinion on the matter, and is not entertaining anything about Jackson.

Well Jackson and Woodson may have something in common. Just as Woodson is not entertaining anything about Jackson, Jackson could possibly not be entertaining anything about The Knicks either.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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