Philadelphia Plane Crash Passengers Finally Make It to Florida


Some of the passengers from the US Airways Flight 1702 jet from Philadelphia, finally made it to Florida on Friday, March 14, 2014, just one days after the pilot was forced to abort takeoff after a tire on the plane’s landing gear blew out on Thursday, March 13, 2014. The plane was headed towards Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when the plane started skidding down the runway then came to a stop. The nose gear of the plane collapsed upon impact.

Passengers described the aborted takeoff incident as ‘a harrowing experience’. The plane took off from Philadelphia, but immediately slammed back onto the runway it then ascended then slammed back down onto the runway yet again. The people in the back of the plane were screaming ‘fire, fire’, according to some of the passengers. Everyone rallied together and proceeded to properly exit the damaged plane. The passengers opened the emergency doors and slid down the inflated ramps in an orderly fashion. There were no serious injuries reported but two passengers did ask for medical assistance. The plane was carrying 149 passengers and five crew members during the flight. The airport was at a standstill for a short while and all planes were grounded, but flights were up and running again by the end of the day. The plane was removed from the runway and taken to an airport hanger. The plane will be examined and an investigation will take place to find out what exactly went wrong. As of now the incident is being blamed on a blown tire.

This is not the first incident that has happened at the Philadelphia International Airport. There have been a few problems on and off flights over the years. Just last month there were reports of smoke in a Delta plane heading to Raleigh Durham, while taxiing on the runway. The plane had just left the gate when the report was made. The fire department arrived and took care of the smoke situation. The plane was brought back to the gate and all passengers were evaluated as a precaution. The flight had to be rescheduled. In October of 2013, a fuel truck apparently clipped the wing of a plane causing some damage. The plane was at a standstill and no passengers were aboard at the time. No one was hurt in the fuel truck, nor was any fuel spilled. In August of 2013, an emergency landing was made in Philadelphia during a JetBlue flight from Boston to Baltimore when the smell of smoke was detected while the plane was in flight.

The  airbus A320 jet may not have made it to its destination from Philadelphia, but the passengers who chose to proceed on their journey all made it to Florida in spite of their harrowing plane crash experience. The passengers and crew were able to work together and get themselves out of a dangerous situation quickly and safely. The investigation on what may have caused the tire to blowout still has not been revealed and may take some time before anyone has an answer. No injuries are the first priority when a situation like this occurs and luckily everyone walked away from US Airways Flight 1702 that day.

By Christina Thompson


CBS Local Philly

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