PlayStation 4 Supply Constraints to Remain Till Summer

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For Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) lovers, the opportunity to easily get their hands on one, and that too at a reasonable price, may still be a dream as the supply constraints the firm is facing are likely to remain till summer this year.

Ever since Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in November last year, the game has been selling like hot cakes. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the head of Sony’s PlayStation division, Andrew House, said that availability of the game would not be possible for a few more months to come — at the earliest “a couple of months”.

He said Sony was “struggling to keep up with demand” of the Sony’s PlayStation 4. He said that conservative estimation for the full supply availability of the Sony’s PlayStation 4 could be made for the early summer months. Therefore, the supply constraints of PlayStation 4 can be expected to remain till summer for sure.

It may be recalled that last month, when the managing director of PlayStation UK, Fergal Gara, had been asked when the supply issues of the Play Station 4 would be addressed, she had, interestingly, also said a couple of months, and had named April to be the likely month.

However, with April almost around the corner, the statement of Sony’s PlayStation head has broadened that window to a few more additional months. This means Sony continues to face problems and the issue may prolong further than what is being stated by the officials.

The problem is not just here, in the US. It is international, as the PlayStation 4 was launched just recently in its own home country, Japan. Shortage of the console resulted in sales dropping to less than 30,000 in its second week of being available in the country, from the 300,000 figure in its first week.

To date, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold better than Xbox One and the Wii U in its first week sales. However, with a total of six million units sold globally, it is yet too early to predict its success – especially, as compared to the rival consoles. Not to forget, shortage of the game all over the world, is also hindering the full potential of the sales.

Whatever the case may be, some retailers are cashing into the high demand and short supply scenario of the PlayStation 4. Prices of the consoles have risen as consumers are willing to pay additional just to get one of them. As it stands, Sony itself raised the official price of PlayStation 4 in Canada. Officials of Sony said since the Canadian dollar has suffered fluctuations against the greenback in recent months, the move was made to meet the US dollar-Canadian dollar parity and make the price of the console more uniform. They said the shortage in supply and high demand was a secondary reason.

Interestingly, if compared to the last generation of all video games, the consoles market has shrunk in the last few months. Xbox 360 and PS3, both, sold around 80 million. When compared, the previous generation consoles also sold faster than the newer versions. Of course, the shortage is one reason, in the case of PS4. If Sony cannot address its PlayStation 4’s supply constraints till summer, the final figures may further hurt badly as compared to Xbox 360.

By Faryal Najeeb



Wall Street Journal


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